Challenges Facing Larger FDI

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The challenges facing larger FDI in India are in spite of the fact that more than 100 of Fortune 500 companies are already investing in India. These FDIs are already generating employment opportunities, income, technology transfer and economic stability.

India is focusing on maximizing political and social stability along with a regulatory environment. In spite of the obvious advantages of FDIs, there are quite a few challenges facing larger FDIs in India, such as:
  1. Resource challenge: India is known to have huge amounts of resources. There is manpower and significant availability of fixed and working capital. At the same time, there are some underexploited or unexploited resources. The resources are well available in the rural as well as the urban areas. The focus is to increase infrastructure 10 years down the line, for which the requirement will be an amount of about US$ 150 billion. This is the first step to overcome challenges facing larger FDI.

  2. Equity challenge: India is definitely developing in a much faster pace now than before but in spite of that it can be identified that developments have taken place unevenly. This means that while the more urban areas have been tapped, the poorer sections are inadequately exploited. To get the complete picture of growth, it is essential to make sure that the rural section has more or less the same amount of development as the urbanized ones. Thus, fostering social equality and at the same time, a balanced economic growth.

  3. Political Challenge: The support of the political structure has to be there towards the investing countries abroad. This can be worked out when foreign investors put forward their persuasion for increasing FDI capital in various sectors like banking, and insurance. So, there has to be a common ground between the Parliament and the Foreign countries investing in India. This would increase the reforms in the FDI area of the country.

  4. Federal Challenge: Very important among the major challenges facing larger FDI, is the need to speed up the implementation of policies, rules, and regulations. The vital part is to keep the implementation of policies in all the states of India at par. Thus, asking for equal speed in policy implementation among the states in India is important.

  5. India must also focus on areas of poverty reduction, trade liberalization, and banking and insurance liberalization. Challenges facing larger FDI are not just restricted to the ones mentioned above, because trade relations with foreign investors will always bring in new challenges in investments.