Internet Service Providers in Chennai

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The use of internet has been rising at a rapid pace. Since its humble inception, the Internet has come a very long way! The public and personal Internet service has made it extremely easy for us to get online, anytime, regardless of the fact that where you are!

Like in other parts of India, so in Chennai, the demand for internet services is on a high. Catering to theses demands of the internet users, large number of Internet Service Providers in Chennai, both big and small have come up. They offer internet services to both businesses as well as individuals on a monthly or annual basis. Apart from the internet connection, other associated services such as email hosting, web site hosting and development, domain name registration and many more are also provided by the internet service providers in Madras.

When it comes to internet services, different types of internet connections are provided by the internet service providers in Chennai. Associated hardware like wireless modem, dialup modem, router etc are also generally provided by these internet service companies in Chennai. Once you register with a Chennai ISP for the services, one account would be created and you will be provided with all the login details, that is your username and password. You need to connect to the internet through your account, which in turn helps the companies to keep a track of your internet access activities. The ISPs in Chennai are both national that having a reach all cross India as well as regional.

Types of Internet Connections in Chennai

Among the oldest methods of internet access, is the Dial-up connection. However, with the demand for immense MP3 downloading, chatting and other activities among the advanced web users of Chennai, the dial up connection is losing its place owing to its low band-with. The only thing that keeps it going in some of the areas in Chennai is its low price.


Cable providers in Chennai are also in the process of providing internet connection, through the "Cable TV" cable. Cable offers several speeds varying with price. However, even with a higher speed, the connection in most cases have been found to limited to the internal Ethernet of the computer, thereby making its slow and outdated.


Wi-Fi service happens to be a wireless Internet, usually offered through cable connections. An Internet input is taken up by the wireless, which is then broadcasted by it wirelessly. The signal and the speed of Wi-Fi largely depend on the wireless router that is used for broadcasting the signal. Wi-Fi belongs to broader Internet package. It is increasingly being offered free in Chennai and other parts of India, in places such as bookstores, restaurants and coffee shops.


With an impressive band-with, T1 best suited the needs of multiple home computers or businesses. However, with less availability, it is losing its relevance in Chennai as a personal Internet service.


Like in other cities of India, so in Chennai, Internet service is provided by many companies. The different types of Internet connections in Chennai can be improved and enhanced via 3rd-party service plans and of course customer support for a good internet connection.

Thus the common and popular methods of Internet access in Chennai include:
  • Dial-up (including ISDN)
  • Internet over cable television lines
  • ADSL
  • LAN (PPPoE) - usually in areas of high population density
  • Wireless Internet service provider - sometimes simply called 'microwave'
  • Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Cellular Internet over terrestrial mobile phone networks using GPRS, EDGE, CSD, EVDO, HSPA, etc
  • Satellite
Presently, the following internet methods witness a very smaller usage in the city of Chennai:

  • Data-only cellular networks such as WiMAX and LTE
  • Broadband over power line
  • Leased line
  • Fiber to the home
  • Packet radio
  • Wireless mesh network
  • Wizzy Digital Courier
These days, what people look for is fast access to internet and therefore a speedy internet connection and the internet users of Chennai is no exception. With the availability of so many different kinds of Internet services in Chennai, it might be hard to choose the best one that would suit your need and pocket the best. To make this process easier for you, we have brought a list of Chennai Internet Service Providers:

BSNL Broadband
New No 5 Plot, No 45 Kambar Street, Nilamangai Nagar,
Adambakkam, Chennai, 600088
Phone: +91-44-64563919, +91-9281000192

Tata Communication Internet Services LTD
Gee Gee Universal 7TH Floor, Near Metha Hospital, No 2 MC Nichols Road, Chetpet, Chennai - 600031 Phone: + (91)-44-66424123

Net Club India
Near Ibdi Bank, Malligaipoo Nagar 13th Street DR Ambedkar Salai,
Ashok Nagar, Chennai - 600083

Fast Connect
No 142/110,
Near Canara Bank, Azhar Flats Big Street, Triplicane, Chennai - 600005

DTH & Telecom Services PVT LTD
Opp to Jeyachandran Textiles, Rammeswaram Road, T Nagar
Chennai - 600017
Phone: + (91)-44-66321568

Reliance Mobile Store
No 137, Near ICE House Police Station, Dr Besant Road ICE House, Mount Road, Chennai - 600002
Phone: + (91)-44-66422021

Reach Telecommunication PVT LTD
Chrompet, Chennai-600044

Reliance World
Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034

Idea Cellular LTD
Perungudi, Chennai-600096

Tata Communication Internet Service Private Limited
# 2, Mc Nichols Road, Chetpet, Chennai, 600031
Phone: +91-44-66148284, +91-9841144253

Elecom Technologies Madras Pvt Ltd
Old No 39,New No 4,First Floor,Kasturba Nagar,Fourth Main Road,Adayar, chennai, 600020
Phone: +91-44-24425075, +91-44-24425073

Airtel Broadband Internet Connection
Phone: +91-9282445756

1, Rajanba Street,Tialknagar, chennai, 600017
Phone: +91-44-24333765, +91-44-24327117

Airtel Broadband Services
No 5, Munusamy Street, Jaffarkhanpet, Chennai,600083
Phone: +91-9840014558

Angler Web Services
Aj-Block,Anna Nagar,55,9th Mn Road, Chennai, 600040
Phone: +91-44-26225285

Bharati Airtel Services Ltd
# 5/L, Bascon Tower, 5th Floor, Venkanarayan Road, T Nagar
Chennai, 600017
Phone: +91-9790934107

Global Net Services
New No 341,4th Floor, Regency House, Mount Road,Dms
Chennai, 600006
Phone: +91-44-42177900, +91-44-42177901

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Services
No 30/171, Mahatma Gandhi Road,Kumaran Nagar,Padi, Chennai,600050
Phone: +91-9940422121

Tata Data Card Chennai
7/5, Gandhi Street, Kannigapuram, Avadi, Chennai
Phone: +91-44-65901843, +91-9283158444

Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd
Videsh Sanchar Bhavan,5, Swamy Sivanada Salai
Chennai, 600002
Phone: +91-44-25391831, +91-44-25366740

MTS Datacard
No.4, Tvk Street, Karambakkam, Chennai, 400116
Phone: +91-9150600009

Vinayaka Communcaiton
5, Kambar Street, Nilamangai Nagar, Adambakkam, Chennai, 600088
Phone: +91-44-64563919, +91-9150011114

Tata Photon Plus
Thiruvalluvarpuram 1st Street, Choolaimedu, Chennai, 600094
Phone: +91-9600088621

MTS Datacard
Ram Lakhan Chmaber, 24, Meeran Shahib Street, Chennai, 600002
Phone: +91-9150300603

Satyam Online Channel Partner
7,2nd Road,Chromepet, Chennai, 600044
Phone: +91-44-22411663

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