Wireless Internet Providers

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Wireless internet or Wi-Fi defines the method to send as well as receive data, information and messages through the internet without the help of wires. This is the brand new technology in the arena of net surfing. Wireless internet comes with a variety of advantages, it is portable, can be easily installated, it cuts down the downloading time, very good speed and there are a number of packages available which make it easier for the customers to select according to their needs. Wireless internet works from the range of 3 KHz - 300 GHz. This kind of internet service can be accessed from anyplace provided the user is within the topographical limits of the network coverage.

In the present day, the term used to refer to wireless internet providers is 3G or 3rd Generation. Satellite Internet, Cellular Internet and Hotspot Wireless Internet are the main types of wireless internet service technologies. This most recent development in internet access is considered the most convenient and helps to connect with family, friends, business clients whenever and from wherever the users want to. In fact, wireless internet can also be accessed while traveling.

Wireless internet, like the rest of the world, has also taken India in its grip. With time, the demand for wireless internet service is growing in India. In order to meet the soaring demand for wireless internet service in India, a number of companies are offering variety of plans for wireless internet connection. There are a number of wireless internet providers in India. The following is the list of different connection plans for wireless internet offered by various companies.

Popular Wireless Internet Providers in India

1. Tata Indicom
Tataindicom Photon of Tata Indicom offers High Speed Internet Access or HSIA service. This can be connected with both the desktop and the laptop. The internet or the downlink speed of Tataindicom Photon can reach up to 2.4 Mbps. The speed generally depends up on various factors which are number of users, internet pages accessed, time and many more.

Tata Indicom Photon comes with three tariff schemes;

Hi-Speed 500: The monthly charge for Hi-Speed 500 plan is ` 700 and has a download limitation of 0.5 GB. Users exceeding the downloading limit will be charged ` 2 per MB. The promotional offer of this plan is 1GB free.

Hi-Speed 1000: Hi-Speed 1000 Plan comes with a monthly charge of ` 700. The download limit is 0.5 GB and the promotional offer includes 2GB free. For extra download of MB, users will be charged ` 2.

Hi-Speed Unlimited Plan: The unlimited plan of Tata Photon requires a monthly charge of ` 1500. This plan has an unlimited download limit and does not have any promotional offer or charge for extra download of MB. All the three plans charges ` 3500 for the USB Modem.

The EVDO, which is the wireless internet service offered by BSNL comes with a speed that can range up to 2.4 Mbps. The three tariff schemes of EVDO are detailed below:

HOWI 1000: This comes with a bandwidth of 256 kbps and requires an installation charge of ` 750 and monthly charge of ` 1000. Free 2.5 MB per email address is offered in this plan.

HOWI 1800: The bandwidth of this plan is 512 kbps and the installation charge is ` 750, while the monthly charge is ` 1800. Free 2.5 MB per email ID is offered.

BUWI 8000: The bandwidth is 256 Kbps. While the installation charge is ` 750, the monthly charge is ` 8000. Users can make 2.5 MB download depending up on email ID.

BUWI 12000: The bandwidth allowed in this plan is 512 Kbps and the installation charge is ` 750 and the monthly charge is ` 12000. Users can download up to 4.5 MB.

BUWI 20000: The bandwidth of this plan is 2048 Kbps and the installation charge is ` 750 and the monthly charge is ` 20000. The download limit is 4.5 MB per email address.

3. Reliance
Reliance NetConnect Broadband comes with a speed of 3.1 MBPS.

4. Airtel
Aritel provides EDGE that comes with 247 Kbps speed. The tariff schemes of EDGE are detailed in the following:

Standard Plan: The rental of the data card is ` 49 and the Voice Plan is inclusive of any other plan. The charge for exceeded usage is ` 5. There is no free downloading option in this plan.

Plan I: The monthly data card charge is ` 350 and the free download capacity is 500 MB after that the extra packages will be charged ` 5.

Plan II: The data card charge is ` 599. The free download is up to 1 GB and the charge for exceeded downloading is ` 3.

Plan III: ` 999 is the monthly charge for data card. Unlimited download is offered in this plan.

Last Updated on 04th July 2011