Residential Internet Service Providers

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The term residential internet service providers are used to denote any organization that offers internet connections for residential usage. While discussing about residential internet service providers, it is important to know the advantages of internet. Internet has made the world smaller. In other words, internet has brought the world closer. Internet is considered a virtual treasure as anything that anyone wants to know is just a click away. Internet has made possible various services like banking; buying tickets job searching and many more go online.

Over the few year internet has become very common in almost every household. With the help of residential internet service, users get to connect with the whole world in a matter of seconds. There are various residential service providers in India that helps the users to remain connected with the rest of the world with the help of Dial-Up, Integrated Services Digital Network also known as ISDN, Digital Subscriber Line or DSL and Broadband Wireless Connection.

Residential internet service coming with the option of Dial-Up connection requires the computer to get connected to modem while the telephone connection is used for getting connected with that particular residential internet service providers. One of the major advantages is that this kind of connection can reach the remotest places and regions unlike the other residential internet service providers.

Considered one of the most developed in residential internet services, t Integrated Services Digital Network functions on track switched system of telephone network.

The foremost residential internet access service is the broadband wireless connection, which is offered by some of the most reputed companies of telephone connection.

With the help of Digital Subscriber Line, digital transmission of information, data or messages is done with the help of local telephone network.

Companies offering residential internet services in India

There are various companies in India that offer residential internet services. Some of the most important residential internet service providers in India are discussed below:

BSNL broadband is one of the most popular internet service providers in India. Both residential and business users remain dependent up on BSNL broadband. The unlimited BSNL broadband connection for residential usage comes with variety of tariffs.
  • Home UL 750: The monthly tariff for this plan is ` 750 and the broadband speed is 256 kbps. Users can download up to 2.5 MB.
  • Home UL 750 plus: The call charge is Re. 1 per pulse and users need to pay ` 750 for its monthly charge. The speed is 256 kbps and users can download up to 2.5 MB.
  • Home UL 1350: The monthly charge is ` 1350 per month and the broadband speed is 512 kbps. Users can make a download of up to 2.5 MB.
  • Home UL 1350 plus: The monthly charge for this plan is ` 1350 per month and the broadspeed is 512 kbps. The free download capacity is 2.5 MB and the call charges is 80p per pulse.
2. Reliance:
The pre-paid home Reliance broadband plans are:

  • Package for 6 months: Users can make unlimited download. The charge for 6 months is ` 3750. The download speed is 150 kbps.
  • Package for 12 months: Users will need to pay ` 7500 for one year and its offers unlimited download facility. The download speed is 150 kbps.
The Wireless Broadband schemes of Reliance are:
  • 150 kbps: Users will be paying a monthly charge of ` 750, the download is unlimited.
  • 300 kbps: Unlimited download and monthly payment is ` 999
  • 600 kbps: Monthly charge is ` 1799 and download is unlimited.
3. Airtel
Airtel offers a number of residential internet services to its different users.
  • Airtel Broadband Home 999 (Residential) Plan: Users will need to pay a monthly charge of ` 999 and the download speed is 384 kbps. Unlimited download is offered in this plan.
  • Airtel Broadband Home 1499 (Residential) Plan: Users will need to pay ` 1499 while installing this plan. The download speed is 512 kbps and unlimited download is offered.
  • Airtel Broadband Home 499 Plus (Residential) Plan: Users will need to pay ` 499. This plan comes with ` 100 free minutes and gives unlimited download.

Last Updated on 07/07/2011