Top Ten Internet Providers

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Top Ten Internet Providers offers high-speed, premiere quality and cost effective internet connectivity for homes, authorizing clients to search the genuine potential of the Internet. Their services are evaluated at competitive rates and are in sync with the latest technology. The products and service offered by Internet Providers in India are both flexible and scalable and ensures clients satisfaction.

Top Ten Internet Providers in India

The Top 10 Broadband service providers in India are as follows.

With 53.15% of market share and 2.32 million subscribers to its credit, BSNL Broadband services are accessible on DSL technology on a national basis covering 198 cities. It is at par in context of infrastructure facilities compared to the advanced countries. The subscribers can access Video multicasting, Audio and Video conferencing, Distance learning, texting, etc through its Subscriber Service Selection System (SSSS) portal.

The major objectives of the service provider are to offer high speed Internet connectivity, Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, dial VPN service, Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) and both post and pre paid internet facilities to its customers. It also provides its clients with the alternative to choose the facilities via internet server.

With 0.59 mn subscribers under its cover and 13.56% of market share, MTNL functions only in the profitable zones of Delhi, NCR and Mumbai. MTNL's TriBand is India's 'always-on' data connectivity that assists communication services entailing broadband access and has the competence of download rate of upto 2Mbps with guaranteed minimum rate of 256 kilo bits per second to residential telephone users. Its services include VoIP, broadcast apps, VPN, video phone, IPTV, etc. other major broadband benefits are zero call rates for broadband access, quality services, non-stop Help line and Technical assistance, simple registration, bill calculated on the basis of quantity of data downloaded with Multicast Video Services in store.

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3. Bharti Airtel
Bharti Airtel has 0.58 mn subscribers under its network belt and enjoys a considerable market share of 13.25%. One of the Asia's foremost incorporated telecom firm with operations centered in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Since its incorporation, Bharti Airtel has been at the vanguard of expertise and has led the way for several modernizations in the Indian telecom sector. The Telemedia business unit of the firm offers IPTV, telephone facilities and broadband services in 89 cities of India. The firm has 0.58 mn subscribers to its credit with a significant market share of 13.25%.

4. Hathway Cable
Hathway Cable has more than 204,000 subscribers under its network coverage and offers several advantages to its users. Some of them are prompt network, instant access, no disconnections, Always-on mode, fixed monthly charges and enhances servers and routers. Its cable modems are structured to take benefit of the high bandwidth competences of the cable structure which allows a connection speed faster than the conventional dial-up. Hathway Cable Internet Service is dependant on DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Services Interface Specifications) set of rules. This protocol offers a standard of protection equivalent to or superior than the one offered by its competitors.

5. Tata Communications
The communication provider offers its quality services to over 193,000 Indian subscribers. The firm has an extensive set-up coverage and distributor base. The various broadband solutions offered by Tata Communications are VoIPLink™, VTS, VoIPLink Ready and VTS Prime. The plans are described as under:
  • VoIPLink™: VoIPLink service is the simplest and feasible VoIP solution.It controls the international Tata Communications voice set-up for traffic trade that entails every other set of connections and phone type across the globe. VoIPLink is an outmoded solution that guarantees inter connectivity and CODEC assistance.
  • VoIPLink Ready: VoIPLink Ready is Tata's Industrial program that is duly authorized by the authority. The plan puts retailer through an austere lab authorization analysis that guarantees full set-up functionality approval.
  • VTS Prime: Choose VTS Prime was launched to distribute outstanding voice excellence for global calls. It is a back-to-back voice execution service that allocates the execution charges.
  • VTS: The firm supports it clients with a simple and practical solution along with uninterrupted client assistance. Their competitive charges, presence in international destinations and service standards, assist them in enhancing their profits and attain business goals.
6. You Telecom
With around 146,000 users to its credit, YOU Broadband, owned by You Telecom, is one of the initial ISO 9001:2000 licensed internet firms. It guarantees quality services to its customers with greater downloading and uploading speed. It is among one of the firm to have end-to-end network setting and a power to keep its clients connected even while they are traveling.

7. Reliance Communications
With the customer base of 85,000, Reliance Communications aims at offering a unique broadband experience to its users. The firm constantly keeps on reinventing itself and its products and services by adding value to it.

8. Sify Broadband
Sify Broadband promises to offer various services to satisfy its client's diverse needs. It offers limitless downloads at night at a minimal cost along with night browsing. With a speed of 256 Kbps and consumer base of 54,000, Sify Broadband offers uninterrupted virtual presence.

9. Asianet Communications
Initiated in1993, Asianet Communications has has 43,000 clients under its coverage area. It is one of the ISPs in India that offers an extensive range of broadband services to both corporates and homes. Through its fully owned subsidiary Asianet Dataline, Asianet Communications offers other services such as Web Hosting, site expansion, VPN, Dialup broadband and VoIP. Other benefits of Asianet Dataline are its flexibility, datatransfer based schemes and competitive plans.

10. HFCL Infotel
HFCL Infotel's CONNECT offers the best internet services in Indian market and has 20,000 clients to its credit. It has one of the high-speed internet connectivity triggered by DSL (Digital Subscribers Line) which is a contemporary, protected and dependable technology. DSL technology makes the broadband extremely prompt and expedient that is upto 55 times high speed than the normal dial-ups. It offers unlimited downloads and is compatible with gaming, chatting, live streaming and movies downloads.

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