Low Cost Internet Providers

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The need for low cost internet facilities have increased in India, keeping in consideration the minimal purchasing parity of the citizens along with their need to stay connected with their loved one. Hence, to benefit from the communication requirements of the Indians, internet service providers have come up with updated technology and attractive schemes.

Low cost internet services are also available in the form on WiFi internet connections that finds its place in corporate set-up, airports and shopping malls. For users who want to remain online even while traveling, cheap internet services are available in the form of USB or wireless Datacards.

Popular Low Cost Internet Providers in India

Some of the popular Low Cost Internet Providers in India are listed as under:

Reliance Netconnect is at present one of the best internet connection in India that can be installed in both desktops and laptops. The monthly subscription plan charges starts from ` 400 with downloading rate varying from 15 kbps - 25kbps. The users can also select unlimited download scheme at a feasible price which among the most sought after wireless internet connections by the Indian internet users.

Broadband via Reliance prepaid netconnect is economical and best alternative for small business and individuals. Reliance Netconnect router is like a cell phone with each router entailing specific cell number. After configuring Reliance USB router software, the user can make and receive calls through their laptops or desktops.

Various tariff schemes for Prepaid Reliance netconnect:
  • Scheme 1: Day surfing per hour at Rs 20 and night surfing (i.e. between 10 pm to 7 am) at Rs 10.
  • Scheme 2: Unlimited browsing at Rs 1099 per month
Other benefits:
  • No cost is charged on the basis of quantity of data transmit for prepaid connection
  • No additional charges while on Roaming
  • Lifetime validity at Rs 299 for prepaid netconnect along with limitless browsing within one month of purchase
  • High speed
  • High quality for standard browsing
  • Average speed of upto 60 kbps
  • Reliance netconnect router charge is ` 2800 for 1x system
2. Tata Indicom Plug 2 Surf
Tata Indicom Plug 2 Surf provides a broadband friendly connection for desktops and laptops where the user can browse broadband while traveling to any part of India with speed varying from 153 kbps to 20kbps. The rental of USB router per month is Rs 99 based on duration of usage and downloads. The broadband connectivity is apt for browsing, downloading and updating softwares or antivirus with downloadable file not surpassing 10mb. Other benefits of the connection is its continuity, mobility and easy to install features. The service provider offers 5 GB data plan at only Rs 1500 per month and Rental scheme of Rs 1000 for its Mumbai and Goa users. All the internet services of Tata Indicom broadband are offered by VSNL.

3. Airtel Wireless
With Airtel's Wireless Broadband the client has the independence to avail to internet facilities anywhere and anytime. It allows office apps, email, browsing with protected VPN access to business tools while traveling. Airtel Data Card is one of the best PC Data Card which provides wireless broadband competences at cost-effective prices to desktops, notebooks, laptops, etc assisted by GPRS and EDGE expertise in one PC Card package.

Last Updated on 07/07/2011