High Speed Internet Providers

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High Speed Internet Providers discovers the right prospective of the Internet. They not only provide high speed accessibility, excellent quality at reasonable prices but also keep pace with the latest and ever-changing broadband requirements. They satisfy the client's need to get speedy and continuous access to net.

High Speed Internet - Benefits

High speed internet connection comes with many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Fast access to streaming music and video
  • Speedy access of web pages
  • Downloads at greater rates
  • No installation of landline in order to access the net
  • Speedy attachments of big images
  • Faster access to information
High speed internet connection saves time and using such kind of connection not only saves time but also money. Conversely, there are still many drawbacks & issues to avoid while selecting between various hi-speed Internet connectivity.

Top High Speed Internet Providers in India

  • AT&T DSL
    Supported by a vast internet set-up and verified infrastructure, AT&T DSL has helped accessing internet in India easy. It is recognized as one of the most reasonably priced and viable services availed today. There are many AT&T high speed internet services offered in the form of DSL plans that are designed to suit the client's needs. The company provides plans in four speed categories and is ranked as number one in the high speed internet segment. It keeps on reinventing its product and services. The latest product launched by the service provider is AT&T high speed Elite DSL that gels with the clients requirements and lifestyle.

    Contact Details
    Billing Team: 1-800-235-7524
    Customer Care Team: 1-877-XDSL-ATT (1-877-937-5288)

  • Verizon Internet Service
    With many hi speed scheme to select from, Verizon Internet Services comes along with a reliable and certified tag. It is a great choice for high speed broadband and covers a network that is spread across 25 Indian states. Verizon is an initiator in deploying latest technology. They provide the all inclusive 100% digital fiber optic systems with unparalleled speed of 15 Mbps which means 270 times greater than the ordinary dialup. In addition to the high speed connection, the firm has also launched combined programs such as Verizon Yahoo, AOL, FiOS that are loaded with additional trials.

  • Comcast
    Comcast is identical with dependable cable broadband services. With attractive introductory schemes accessible at lower prices, Comcast is an excellent alternative for high speed internet. It offers great deals with concessions and features like free modems, money back and free cable routers. Packages such as Comcast TV or Comcast Digital Cable offers money saving prospects.

    Contact Details
    Business Class Customers: (866) 647-6516
    Residential Customers: (800) 266-2278
    Ethernet Customers: (866) 511-6489
    Wireless Customers: (800) 391-3000

  • Qwest DSL
    With plans and speeds accessible to suit the user's online needs, the firm also offers an assortment of attractive schemes and packages with free Wi-Fi supported by 20 Mbps download speed. DSL providers offer services on constant basis providing money saving schemes to its clients. Qwest DSL has a wide range of schemes to select from. It offers great plans for both individuals and internet users

    Contact Details
    Products or services queries: 1 800-475-7526, 1 800-491-0118
    Transfer service: 1 877-348-9004

  • Charter Internet
    Recognized as one of the renowned cable providers, Charter Internet provides some of the astonishing speeds ranging between 5 Mbps to 16 Mbps, which is one of the greatest in the industry. However, their chief coverage area is narrow; the firm has some great packages. As per the reports, the firm has spent USD 1 billion in the financial year 2007, in an attempt to strengthen the facilities they are offering their clients.

Last Updated on 07/07/2011