Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)

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About Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, popularly known as B. S. N. L. in India, was established in the country on 1st October, 2000. In the present day, this is among the leading as well as the largest public sector company in the nation, which offers a comprehensive array of telecom services to the residents.

Post installing the "Quality Telecom Network", this telecom company in India is now aiming at its improvement and expansion by the introduction of the new services in villages that are featured with the I. C. T. applications. Today, B. S. N. L. is responsible for connecting 5.8 lakhs villages, 7, 330 cities or towns and 623 districts with the help of the following:

  • Capacity of Basic Line Telephone: 43.74 million
  • C. D. M. A. Towers: 12, 071
  • Fixed Exchanges: 37, 885
  • G. S. M. - B. T. S.s: 68, 162
  • G. S. M. Capacity: 72.60 million
  • R. Km. of Microwave Networking: 50, 430
  • R. Km. of O. F. C.: 6, 86, 644
  • Satellite Stations: 197
  • W. L. L. Capacity: 8.83 million

Ministry, which includes the operation, establishment and purpose of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

The administrative body of this Indian telecom company is the Department of Telecommunications under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. This Ministry belonging to the Government of India is solely responsible for the establishment as well as the operation of B. S. N. L.

Contribution of BSNL to the Government of India

Focused on their efforts, this company has helped the Indian Government, bridge the gap in between the rural and the urban areas in regards to the I. C. T. sector. Apart from that, being a public sector company, the complete share capital of B. S. N. L. is held by the country’s government. To be precise, the government of this nation holds 100 % share capital of this India based telecom company.

Role of BSNL for Indian Telecom Industry

Committed towards providing high quality telecommunication services at an affordable price to every citizen residing in every nook and corner of the country, B. S. N. L. has played varied roles in the achievement of the salient points mentioned in the 1999’s Telecom Policy. Some of their remarkable roles and efforts are as follows:

Since telecommunication access is one of the major factors for the achievement of the goals set for the social and economic development of the country, this telecommunication company has provided easy and affordable access to telecommunication to the Indian citizens.

B. S. N. L. even strived to make a successful balance between the high level services, which have got the capacity of meeting the requirement of the economy of India and the universal service to both the rural as well as the urban areas.

This Indian telecommunication company encouraged the growth of telecommunication facilities in most of the remotest, hilly as well as tribal areas in the Republic of India.

B. S. N. L. transformed the Indian telecommunications sector, including both rural and urban regions, to a competitive environment by offering equal opportunities to the different players involved in this industry.

Future prospects of BSNL

Ever since the establishment of B. S. N. L., this company has shown a consistent growth. With an existing base of more than 81.49 million customers, the public sector organization plans to further increase the base of customers to around 160 million by the end of the month of March, 2014. Some of the factors or the newly introduced or planned services, which are believed to be contributing to the growth prospect of the organization, are mentioned below:
  • Broadband services: The networking nature has been revolutionized by the demand of shifting from "voice to data". By cashing this opportunity, B. S. N. L. has planned to take its customer base of broadband services to 16.00 million by the March of the year 2014.

  • F. T. T. H. (Fibre to the Home): The rolling out of the varied F. T. T. H. services like G. P. O. N. and G. E. – P. O. N. is more likely to create revenue in the coming years.

  • Value Added Services (V. A. S.): B. S. N. L. is focusing to double their revenues from V. A. S. by attracting high-end customers on the provision of the different featured services.

  • W. L. L. Mobility: The provision of the full W. L. L. network mobility was among the major boost in the growth of B. S. N. L. and is expected to add on to its growth in the following years.

  • 3 G Services: Being planned to be rolled out in 760 cities located all over the country by 2011, this service of B. S. N. L. is acquiring more customers day by day.

Last Updated on 1/20/2012