National Aluminum Company Limited

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National Aluminum Company Limited, better known as NALCO was incorporated in 1981 as a public sector enterprise under the Indian government. Since then, NALCO has grown to become the largest integrated aluminum unit in Asia and is also one of the largest aluminum complexes of the world.

Activities of NALCO include a plethora of aluminum and related procedures such as refining, smelting, bauxite mining, casting, railway operations, port operations, and power generation. In order to fulfill its vision of becoming a "company of global repute in the aluminum sector", and driven by its mission of attaining business growth, competitive advantage, and the satisfaction of customers and investors, NALCO has adopted some pioneering practices as well as state-of-the-art technology in its manufacturing units that are spread across the country. It is due to the efforts of NALCO that India has attained self-sufficiency in terms of aluminum and has also gone on to excel in aluminum production standards.

NALCO's registered/corporate office is located in Bhubaneswar. The main bauxite mines under NALCO are located in Panchpatmali. NALCO's alumina refinery is located at Damanjodi and its rolled production units, captive power plant, and aluminum smelter can be found at Angul. NALCO also owns port facilities at Vishakhapatnam.

National Aluminum Company Limited is primarily engaged in the production of 5 types of products: Aluminum metal (comprising of ingots, cast strips, billets, wire rods, sows, and allow wire rods), Alumina and Hydrates (comprising of calcined alumina and alumina hydrate), aluminum rolled products, Zeoilte-A, and special alumina chemicals.

NALCO has impressed customers and investors with continual growth over the years. In 2006, NALCO produced 4,623,278 MT of bauxite and 358,734 MT of aluminum. The company's export turnover for 2006-07 amounted to ` 2585 crore. Its gross sales were worth ` 6514 crore and profits after tax were to the tune of ` 2381 crore.

National Aluminum Company Limited is headed by 5 directors -Mr. K.K. Mallick, Mr. P.K. Routray, Mr. C.R.Pradhan, Mr. B.L. Bagra, and Mr. Joy Varghese. The National Aluminum Company Limited has offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Paradip, and Vishakhapatnam.

NALCO has also been a pioneer in corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Indian public sector. For example, when NALCO was being built in Damanjodi and Angul, it led to the displacement of more than 600 families in 50 villages. For these families NALCO provided employment to the respective nominees. National Aluminum Company Limited is has also spent as much as ` 100 crore for championing various social causes and development activities. The company has also revamped the infrastructure and other facilities in the nearby villages. NALCO has also prioritized communication, drinking water, education, and healthcare for the villages adjoining its plants. Successful operations of the company in terms of pisciculture and social forestry have led to the increase of employment generation of income for local residents in areas where National Aluminum Company Limited has a presence.