Coal India Limited

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Coal India Limited (CLI) is entirely owned by the Government of India and was set up in 1956 under the Companies Act. The principal activities of Coal India involves mining and manufacturing of coal. At present the company has 5 subsidiaries with the main headquarter in Kolkata, West Bengal.

The main products of Coal India Limited are coal and lignite. The 9 subsidiaries of Coal India are as follows:

  • Western Coalfields Ltd.
  • Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd.
  • Eastern Coalfields Ltd
  • Central Coalfields Ltd.
  • Bharat Coking Coal Ltd.
  • Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd.
  • South Eastern Coalfields Ltd
  • Northern Coalfields Ltd.
  • North Eastern Coalfields

India ranks 3rd in coal manufacturing in the world and Coal India Limited (CLI), as popularly known as the largest coal producing farm in world contributes around 85 percent of the total coal production in India. With a manpower of around 4,39,000, Coal India is claimed to be one of the biggest companies in India and the largest empoyer in the corporate sector of India as well. CLI has accounted for a turn over of around ` 349.90 billion in the fiscal year 2006-07. The company is also known to be India's largest tax payer during 2006-07 as it has paid a tax of ` 28.94 billion in the same year.

Coal India Limited works with few objectives. These objectives of CLI has been listed below:

  • Promoting the development and usage of coal products depending on the future requirements of India and also ensuring safeguards for the mine workers.
  • Assuring a growth in the productivity of coal mining with the help of technological advancement of various coal field, putting the organizations into proper order, honing the skills, and motivating its workforce for a better production.
  • Efficient operation techniques and also introducing cost-effectiveness in the selling of products.
  • Making proper arrangements in the supply of products in order to make it easily available for the consumers at affordable prices.
  • Implementing R & D methods in coal mining, benefication of coals and other by-products, and also fuel technology.

Coal India Limited has been growing at a massive pace over the years and compare to earlier times when it only gained a commendable status for its superior quality products in India only, at present CLI is well-known all across the world. It is known to have the best production unit among all the coal producers in the world and with every passing year, the company is climbing few more steps to success.