National Small Industries Corporation Limited

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National Small Industries Corporation Limited, also known as NSIC was established in 1955 as a Government of India undertaking. The company was set up with the objective of exploring, supporting, and promoting the growth and development of small-scale industries and allied services in India.

In India, NSIC has 5 technical centers, 9 zonal offices, 33 branches, 14 sub-branches, 10 business development offices, and 2 tech-parks. The company employs over 500 professionals and it also has an office in Johannesburg from where it handles its operations pertaining to South African nations. In the 52 years of its existence, the National Small Industries Corporation Limited has gone from strength to strength and has successfully managed to modernize small scale industries in India by making them technology-oriented and by emphasizing quality. NSIC has also bolstered the small scale industry by fortifying its ties with the large and medium scale industries.

The most crucial factor behind the stellar performance of the NSIC is its marketing expertise which it has acquired by means of the following:
  • Tender marketing
  • Government purchase registration
  • Consortia
  • Technology fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Product export
  • Project export
  • Buyer-seller interface
  • Raw material financing
  • Credit support
NSIC also offers excellent technical support to the small scale industry through its technical service centers located in regions such as Rajkot, Chennai, Howrah, and New Delhi. NSIC is also responsible for forging long-term international partnerships. Inter-enterprise co-operation has always been encouraged by National Small Industries Corporation Limited which also fosters the sharing of industry-wide best practices. Towards it international co-operation services, NSIC also offers international services in the domain of consultancy. NSIC has done especially well in areas like Policy Formulation, Capacity Building, Entrepreneurial Development, and Business Development.

National Small Industries Corporation Limited has also facilitated export credit for small enterprises. Towards this end, the company has entered strategic tie-ups with Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited. One of the recent feathers in the cap of National Small Industries Corporation Limited is the Small Enterprise Establishment Program - SEEP. This initiative is geared at establishing new companies across India by promoting self-employment for those who are unemployed. This program highlights the formation of integrated processes such as training, skill enhancement, machinery sourcing, credit facility sanctioning, and supporting activities.

In order to promote Indian small scale industries, National Small Industries Corporation Limited has often organized delegation visits where Indian delegates visit foreign countries in order to enhance business cooperation and technical collaboration between India and other countries. Indian delegates have visited countries like USA, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Germany, and Japan for these purposes.