Mopeds in India

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The popularity of Mopeds in India as one of the most convenient personal transport vehicle has taken shape since its introduction. First manufactured mopeds in India were by the TVS Company, at Hosur in Tamil Nadu.

Mopeds in India are usually used for the purpose of transportation, used by those in the lower middle-class segment. The mopeds in India are even very popular with the rural sector as a utility vehicle for its capacity to bear heavy loads on rough village roads. The mopeds were not very stylish in their looks but this factor was overshadowed by the economical factor.

Firstly, the price of the mopeds in India was very reasonable and secondly, it consumed very less fuel. Though it was under-powered (less than 100 cc), the mopeds in India were popular.

With the slow but gradual growth in the economy and the rise in the income of the consumers, the popularity of the mopeds in India started declining. The main factor behind the fall in the sales of mopeds in India is due to the availability of a lot of options in the two-wheeler segment. With the mopeds in India nearly phasing out, a new breed of two wheelers, the Scooterettes, entered the market. These vehicles are cross-breeds between the moped and the scooter. With an engine of 80-110 cc, these scooterettes have become very popular among the consumers. They are extremely efficient and economical transportation capabilities. The mopeds and the scooterettes combined, constitute nearly 1/4th of the total market share of the two-wheelers in India.

Some of the popular mopeds in India are:
  • Kinetic Motor
    • Kinetic V2 range including Kinetic V2 XL and Kinetic V2 80
    • Kinetic King 100 and Kinetic King Dlx
    • Kinetic Luna Super
    • Kinetic Luna TFR
  • TVS Motor
    • TVS XL including TVS XL Super and TVS XL Super Heavy Duty
Most of the two-wheeler giants have entered into the scooterettes segment. Some of these companies along with their products in this segment are:
  • Bajaj Auto
    • Bajaj Wave DTSI
    • Bajaj Kristal DTSI
    • Bajaj Blade DTSI
  • Hero Honda
    • Hero Honda Pleasure
  • Kinetic Motor
    • Kinetic Kine
  • Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Limited
    • Honda Dio
  • TVS Motor
    • TVS Scooty