Scooters India Ltd

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The first scooters in India were the Lambretta models manufactured by the Italian Innocenti Company in 1975. It used to rule the roads with its tough exterior and was ideal for road conditions in India.

Scooters in India are popular because they are easy to handle and also fuel-efficient. S cooters were very effective in the urban set-up, as they could cleverly tackle the congested roads and streets. The popularity of scooters in India was for a number of reason - they are economical, fuel efficient, can be parked easily, and are ideal for small families of the middle income group.

The Innocenti Company of Italy the real proprietor of the Lambretta scooters sold the enterprise to the Government of India in 1975 and the Scooters India Limited was established close to the city of Lucknow. This company introduced its first product known as the Vijai Super. It was a marvel. The same year the Scooters India Limited launched its product in the international market. After that the Scooters India Limited started the journey on a glorious path. New companies emerged and the public were offered with a wide array of options in the Indian scooter market.

The increase in the sale of the two wheelers is due to:
  • Increment in the family income
  • The finance is easily accessible
  • The Gross Domestic Product has grown up to 8 percent
  • The taxes and duties is lowered
  • The cost bearing by the owner was reduced due to the use of fuel efficient engines
The new companies manufacturing scooters such as Bajaj Auto, LML Vespa(now changed to LML), etc are facing tremendous odds as the sell is slowly declining. With the options in the motorcycle segment and the the new age scooterettes coming in to the scenario, it has become difficult the companies dealing with Scooters India Limited.

Some of the scooter brands presently in the market: