Communication Equipment Industry

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The Communication Equipment Industry is an emerging sector in the country and has developed over the years. There are several kinds of communication devices as mobile phones, land line telephones, fax machines, wireless network interface card, network interface card etc.

Communication Equipment Manufacturers in India

Mobile and Land line Telephone Manufacturing Companies in India


Nokia one of the leaders in the mobile industry and other communication devices is headquartered at Finland. Nokia manufactures mobiles, mobile computers, is into networking facilities and provides internet facilities through the Ovi brand etc. Nokia is also into research and development in the communication segment. Nokia runs its operations through 9 manufacturing units across the globe. The manufacturing unit of Nokia in India is located at Chennai.


Samsung Electronics is one of the major players in the communication industry, with its head office at Seoul, South Korea. Samsung is spread globally across 65 countries with several manufacturing units and sales offices. Samsung manufactures mobile phones, appliances for household use etc. Samsung is also equally giving importance to research and development in the communication field through the Company’s research and development centers.

Samsung Electronics India Software Operations (SISO) is one such research and development units of Samsung Electronics Company Ltd. The electronics and communication giant has over eleven research and development units across the world. SISO started its research activities way back in 1996, with its head office at Bangalore, India. SISO conducts research in the field of wireless, networking etc.

Sony Ericsson

Sony Erricson is a collaborative venture between electronic giants Sony and telecommunication major Erricson. Sony Ericsson produces variety of communication devices as Messaging phones, radio phones, Xperia phones, Bluetooth hands free, Bluetooth watches, USB mobile modems etc.

BPL India

British Physical Laboratories (BPL India) started its operations in the country in 1963. The head office is located at Mumbai, India. BPL India is one of the major electronics companies of India producing many devices for household purposes, landline telephones. Cordless telephones etc.

Beetel Teletech Limited:

Beetel Teletech Limited an enterprise of the Bharti Group was founded in 1976. The brand is mostly into providing solutions for connectivity and other issues of Information Technology. Beetel manufactures communication devices as fixed line telephones, mobile phones, IT components etc.

Fax Machine Manufacturers in India


Canon India Pvt. Ltd. started its operation in India in the year 1997. Canon India is a part of the Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. Canon India has offices all across India. Canon India manufactures devices like fax machines, scanners, inkjet and laser printers.


Panasonic Corporation is one of the major electronic companies in the world, with its head office based in Japan. Panasonic manufactures household appliances, digital appliances, communication devices as telephones, fax machines, PBX telephones etc.


The Company was founded in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard with its head quarters at California, USA. The Company manufactures right from desktops, notebooks to communication device as fax machines, printers which also provide other facilities for scanning, copying, fax sending options etc.

Wireless Network Interface Card Manufacturing Companies in India

Companies as Starnet Infosys located in Mumbai, Royal Display in Mumbai, Teracom Limited in Noida, S.I. Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd in Mumbai are some of the manufacturers of wireless network interface cards in India.

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