Chocolate Market

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The Chocolate Market in India is a growing one. There are several players in this segment, and Cadbury India Ltd. and Nestle India Ltd constitute the major share of the chocolate market.

Chocolate Market - Overview

The Chocolate Market in India is defined by the huge expenses incurred in advertising, high volumes of production, and sensitivity towards price. The volume of chocolate produced in India in a year is around 30,800 tons. Everybody loves chocolates, but again the Chocolate Market in India is concentrated in the urban areas.

Chocolate Market - Challenges

The challenges faced by the Chocolate Market in India are:-
  • The products are perishable in nature
  • Due to the huge consumption of milk in India, the availability of milk is less than the requirements
  • The distribution network or the food supply chain is not so strong
  • As the demand for milk is higher than the supply the price of milk is high

Chocolate Market - Major Players

The major players in the chocolate market are, Cadbury India Ltd, and Nestle India Ltd. Together these two companies constitute nearly 90% of the Chocolate Market in India. The other players are Amul Chocolates, ITC Chocolates, Hindustan Uni Lever Chocolates.

Chocolate Market - Companies and Products

Cadbury India Ltd.

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nuts
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Roasted Almonds
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Crackle
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Desserts
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Wowie
  • Cadbury Bournville
  • Cadbury Temptation Rum n Raisin
  • Cadbury Temptation Cashew Appeal
  • Cadbury Temptation Roast Almond Coffee
  • Cadbury Temptation Honey Apricot
  • Cadbury Temptation Mint Crunch
  • Cadbury Temptation Black Forest
  • Cadbury Temptation Old Jamaica
  • Cadbury 5 Star
  • Cadbury 5 Star Crunch
  • Cadbury 5 Star Fruit and Nut
  • Cadbury Perk
  • Cadbury Perk Ulta
  • Cadbury Gems
  • Cadbury Fruity Gems
  • Cadbury Bytes
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Eclairs
  • Cadbury Bournvita
  • Cadbury Bournvita 5 Star
  • Celebrations Rich Dry Fruit Collection
  • Celebrations Assorted Chocolates
  • Halls
  • Bubbaloo Bubblegum

Nestle India Ltd.

  • Nestle Eclairs
  • Nestle Munch
  • Nestle Milk Chocolate
  • Nestle Milky Bar
  • Nestle Bar One

Amul Chocolates

  • Amul Sugar Free Assorted Chocolates
  • Amul Bindaas
  • Amul Milk Chocolate

Last Updated on 3/16/2011