Toiletries Market

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Toiletries Market - Overview

The Toiletries Market is an essential part of the FMCG sector. Toiletries have become an essential part of the human life. These products are classified as oral care products, hair care products, skin care products, personal wash products, etc. The Toiletries Market in India is well developed and the major players in this sector are the transnational companies and the big Indian companies.

The toiletries market can be divided into two parts -

  • Premium Segment - Caters to the high brand conscious urban higher class
  • Price Sensitive Segment - Caters to the price conscious middle and lower middle class.

Toiletries Market - Growth

The increase in the level of income in both the urban and rural sector has helped the consumption growth in the Toiletries Market in India. The improved network was main factor behind the penetration of such products. The populace is becoming more aware about personal cleanliness through the television, internet, and other media of communication.

Toiletries Market - Segments and Brands

Oral care: It includes toothpaste which consists of 60%, toothpowder consists of 23%, and toothbrushes consist of 17% of the total market of oral care products.

The major players in the oral care segment are -

Hindustan Lever Ltd.

Hair Care: This segment includes hair colorants, conditioners, shampoos, hair gels, According to A C Nielsen (the world's leading marketing information company), hair colorants, feminine hygiene, and baby care have accelerated growth in personal care market.

Hair colorants are substitutes for hair dye to counter graying hair. Hair colorants indicate strong growth trends with a YoY (year over year) growth of 8 per cent.

The major players in hair colorants category are Godrej, Garnier, L'Oreal, and Lakme.

Hair oils: The hair oil market is valued at ` 6 billions. Hair oiling is a major niche in the hair care segment. Unlike market abroad, India has a large number of consumers whose hair care expenditure also includes hair oils. The penetration level of hair oil is around 87%. Around 50% of the population uses hair oil everyday. The growth rate of hair oils in rural India is faster than the growth rate in urban India.

The major players in hair shampoo category are HLL, Marico, and Dabur India.

Shampoos: The shampoo market is valued at Rs 4.5 billions and has the penetration level of only 13% in India. The market is expected to expand due to increased marketing by players, lower duties, and availability of shampoos in affordable sachets. Sachet makes up to 40% of the total shampoo sale. The Indian shampoo market is divided in two parts :-

  • Cosmetic
  • Anti-dandruff

The major players are HLL, and Procter & Gamble.

Hair gels: Hair gel market segment is at a primary stage and not many local brands are available in India. Hair gels/creams are mainly used for hair grooming by men and is used as a fashion accessory. The market penetration of hair gels/creams is very low, and is limited to a small section of the urban market.

Skin Care: The skin care market is valued at $180 million in India. With safe and effective procedures, advancement in medical technology, increase in awareness, the Indian Skin care solutions business is growing very fast.

The skin care market can be segregated into toners, cleansers, sunscreens, anti-wrinkle creams, dark circle removing creams, astringents, facial creams, moisturizers, fairness creams, day and night creams, etc. Out of these, facial creams, moisturizers, fairness creams, day and night creams, etc. are the most popular products and account for approximately 60% of the skin care segment.

Personal Wash (Soaps): The personal wash can be segregated into -

  • Premium- Lux, Dove
  • Economy- Nirma Bath, Lifebuoy
  • Popular- Nirma, Cinthol
The price of the premium segment products is twice that of economy segment products. The economy and popular segments are 4/5ths of the entire soaps market. The penetration level of toilet soaps is 88.6%.

Last Updated on 3/16/2011