Insurance Policy for Doctors

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For a patient, his doctor is a person who guarantees sound well being through flawless treatment. Unfortunately, human inaccuracy cannot be removed and medicos are exposed to the hazards of assertions from customers who have undergone losses caused due to negligence, fault or omission.

Professional Insurance Policy for Doctors averts any considerable threat posed to the fiscal security of the medical practitioner. It not only safeguards the professional interests of the doctors by suggesting safety measures to them but also protects the health of the clients.

Companies offering Professional Insurance Policy for Doctors

ICICI Lombard

  • Assertions arising out of physical damage or fatality caused by any inaccuracy, lapse, carelessness
  • Legal accountability incorporating security expenses acquired while examination, reimbursement etc.
  • Authorized expenditures
  • Illegal activities
  • Activities performed under Influence of drugs
  • Weight loss
  • Operations such as Plastic surgery
  • Conditions related with HIV Aids
  • Non acquiescence with legal conditions
  • Retaliatory and exemplary injuries
  • Blood Banks
Sum Insured
On the basis of the disclosure, the insurer has to allot two limits of insurance under the policy:
  • Any One - Year (AOY)
  • Any One Accident (AOA)
  • AOA and AOY should be preferably in the ratio of 1:1 or 1:2.
Premium Rate
Premium paid depends on the Risk category of doctor, perimeters of insurance selected and Ratio of AOA and AOY limits

National Insurance Company Ltd.

  • Third Party Public accountability
  • Penalties, retaliatory or estimable damages.
  • Loss of consumer market, goodwill or any other kind of fiscal loss
  • Legal responsibility, if any, estimated by concord that would not associate if not for the contract.
  • Facilities offered under the influence of illegal drugs
  • Dental healing under general anaesthesia if not performed in hospital.
  • Usage of drugs for weight loss.
  • Conditions associated with AIDS
  • Plastic surgery excluding scar recovery caused due to previous operation or any painful injury.
  • Personal damages such as defamation, fake arrest, denouncement, psychological injury, etc.
  • Genetic damages occurred due to x-ray and radioactive materials.
  • Legal accountability to workers/trainees/freelancers
  • Coverage for any professional act or faux pas taking place during the tenure insurance, on a condition that the policy is restored without interval and is active when the assertion is made in text against the assured at some stage in the policy tenure.

  • If the indemnified person claims at some point of the policy tenure, then the approval of such claim symbolizes that the insurer will handle the assertion as if it has been claimed during the policy tenure.

  • In case of non restoration of the policy, the indemnified will give a specified duration of 3 months for the announcement of assertions for accidents which has occurred during the tenure of policy.
Premium Rate
The premium rate differs between 0.30/100 rupees and 3.00/1000 rupees depending on the kind of Doctor and AOA (Any One Accident) and AOY(Any One Year) ratio.

United India Insurance Co. Ltd

Inclusions -
  • Insurance for legal accountability to third party emerging out of inaccuracies and lapses or carelessness in professional facilities delivered by the insured
  • Plans will be issued for a tenure of 365 days
Exclusions -
  • Any illegal functioning or breaching of any act of decree
  • Facilities offered under the influence of illegal drugs
  • Facilities offered by Dentists under anesthesia or any kind of methods transmitted under general anesthesia unless executed in a certified hospital.
  • Deliberate act of neglect
  • Third Party Public accountability
  • Fiscal loss arising due to the loss of goodwill or market
New India Assurance Co. Ltd

  • Legal liability falling on professionals due to inaccuracies and lapses committed by them while offering professional facilities

  • Advantage of Retroactive tenure on permanent restoration of policy whereby assertions are registered in successive renewal reported in successive renewal but relating to previous tenure after the first date of the policy, also considered chargeable

  • Group plans can also be indemnified insuring members of single occupation. Group concession in premium is offered on the basis of the number of associates insured.
Sum insured
The amount insured in this policy is indicated to as Limit of Indemnity, which is allocated on the basis of per policy tenure and per accident namely Any One Year (AOY) limit and Any One Accident (AOA) limit respectively. The ratio these two terms can vary from 1:1 to 1:2, 1:3 and 1:4. The Any One Accident (AOA) level is limited to 25% of the Any One Year (AOY).

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