Insurance Policies for Individuals

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Out of all the policies Policies for individuals are found in plenty. Since the very onset of insurance this was the segment that was catered to the maximum, individuals for retirement benefits, individuals for life insurance, individuals insuring their vehicles, homes, business etc. Slowly and steadily the insurance market has started catering to broader areas like family, parent child etc.

Insurance Policy Plans for Individuals

Invest Confident: Bharti AXA's unit linked investment cum protection plan provides the best enhanced investment returns. The key features of this plan are, it has the benefit of a single premium payment while you can reap the policy benefits till the age of 70, from the end of the 5th year onwards one will be eligible for special benefits along with choice of investment funds. The advantages of this policy are that at the event of death in the first year of the policy the nominee is guaranteed 25% of the sum assured to him, in case death occurs in the 2nd year then the nominee receives 75% of the sum assured. In case death occurs due to an accident then the insurance company pays the nominee receives three times the amount of the basic sum assured to him. At the end of every 5 years special additions are added to your policy fund and at the age of 70 one receives the policy fund value and from there on the policy ceases to exist.

Spot Suraksha: Spot Suraksha is a simple hassle free insurance policy by Bharti AXA.The main feature of this policy is that it has a single sign up process which insures you instantly. You can avail of the facility of investing your premium in whatever you like from the second year onwards. You are eligible to receive 130% of your first years premium on the maturity of your policy, on maturity of the premium you are eligible to the sum assured plus special additional bonus however the key benefit of Spot Suraksha is that on the unfortunate event of death in the first year of the policy your nominee will receive 505 of the assured sum as well as market index factor annualizes premium. This plan is best suited for individuals who do not like ling drawn processes of paper work involved in getting insurance policies.

Individual Personal Accident Plan: Individual Personal Accident plan has been designed by Apollo Munich to provide superior personal accident coverage to its customers. Apollo Munich assures its customers that no matter where when and how the accident takes place the Individual personal Accident plan policy will cover them of all the unexpected costs. The policy tenure is for a period of one year and covers people between the age group of 5 - 70 years. The exclusive features of this policy are in case of an accidental death or permanent disability 50% of the sum insured is given to the dependent child, and finally you can get your medical reimbursements for in- patient treatment in a hospital due to an accident in seriously injured.

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