DBS Chola Mutual Fund

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DBS Chola Mutual Fund was incorporated on June, 2006. Initially it was named as Chola mutual fund but after the fund's supporter Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Limited was transformed into Cholamandalam DBS Finance Limited, the company was renamed as DBS Chola Mutual Fund.

DBS Chola Mutual Fund at a Glance-

Cholamandalam DBS Finance Limited is a Joint Venture concern of Murugappa group and DBS Bank of Singapore. Initially it was known as Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Limited which is the fund supporter of DBS Chola Mutual Fund.

It was after this formation of the Joint Venture that Chola mutual fund was renamed as DBS Chola Mutual Fund. DBS is known to be the largest bank in Singapore and ranks fifth in the banking group in Hong Kong. The bank has a powerful presence in consumer banking, treasury and markets, asset management, securities brokerage, equity and debt fund raising.

Investments in DBS Chola Mutual Fund-

DBS Chola Mutual Fund has been set up in India with a primary objective of generating income through debt investments which might also include securitized debt, money market, and government securities. It strictly believes in maturing within the given time frame of the respective mutual fund plans formulated and also offers liquidity at periodic interval.

Asset Allocation by DBS Chola Mutual Fund-

  • Debt (including securitized debt) and money markets - 65 to 100 percent
  • Government Securities - 0 to 35 percent
15th of every month is marked as the transaction period by DBS Chola Mutual Fund as per the scheme plans. This time period is applicable to Subscription/ Redemption / Switch-in/ switch-outs, without payment of any entry/exit load.

Schemes Offered by DBS Chola Mutual Fund-

Open Ended Schemes-
  • DBS Chola Multi - Cap Fund
  • DBS Chola Contra Fund
  • DBS Chola Growth Fund
  • DBS Chola Tax Saver Fund
  • DBS Chola Hedged Equity Fund
  • DBS Chola Midcap Fund
  • DBS Chola Opportunities Fund
  • DBS Chola Global Advantage Fund
Close Ended Schemes-
  • DBS Chola Infrastructure Fund
  • DBS Chola Small Cap Fund
  • DBS Chola Triple Ace
  • DBS Chola Freedom Income - Short Term Fund
  • DBS Chola Liquid Fund
  • DBS Chola Short Term Floating Rate Fund
  • DBS Chola GILT Investment Plan
  • DBS Chola Interval Income Fund Monthly Plan A
  • DBS Chola Interval Income Fund Quarterly Plan B
  • DBS Chola Treasury Management Fund
  • DBS Chola Interval Income Fund Quarterly Plan C
DBS Chola Monthly Income Plan

Contact Details of DBS Cholamandalam Asset Management Ltd.-

DBS Cholamandalam Asset Management Ltd. 27th Floor, Unit 1
World Trade Centre, Centre 1
Cuffe Parade
Mumbai - 400 005

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