Deutsche Mutual Fund

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Deutsche Mutual Fund is managed by Deutsche Asset Management which was set up in India in the year in 2002 and is a member of Deutsche Bank Group. Deutsche Mutual Fund provides the benefits of comprehensive product range and the financial support of Deutsche Bank.

A Short Note on Deutsche Mutual Fund-

Deutsche Asset Management is one of the leading concerns in global assets management and has formulated Deutsche Mutual Funds. Deutsche Asset Management came to India in the year 2002 and it was then that its wholly owned subsidiary was set up in India with the name of Deutsche Asset Management, India. It is a part of the Deutsche Bank Group.

Deutsche Asset Management has its offices located in around 42 countries all over the world and has assets of a value of USD 633.23 billion as has been reported on 31 March 2006. The April 2006 report states that the company Deutsche Asset Management, India possessed assets of an aggregate value of ` 3500 crores.

Deutsche Asset Management (DeAM)-

Deutsche Asset Management (DeAM) is the management unit of Deutsche Bank A.G. It is claimed to be one of the best investment organizations across the globe. Deutsche Asset Management has its presence in some of the major intrinsic investment markets, more than 360 portfolio managers and analysts all around the world in terms of offering various services to their clients. The company offers well-valued and strong financial and research support of Deutsche Bank,one of the most potent financial institutions around the world. Deutsche Asset Management (DeAM) largely focuses upon offering its clients investment solutions across the risk or return issue. The products offered to its clients are custom-made and are pertinent to the requirements of its clients.

Benefits Provided by Deutsche Mutual Fund-

  • Comprehensive product range
  • Financial strength and resources of the Deutsche Bank Group
  • Truly global network
  • Service orientation and commitment to superior performance

Products Offered by Deutsche Mutual Fund-

Equity Schemes -
  • Deutsche Investment Opportunity Fund
  • Deutsche Alpha Equity Fund
  • Deutsche Tax Saving Fund
Debt Schemes -
  • Deutsche Fixed Term Fund
  • Deutsche Fixed Term Fund - Series 2
  • Deutsche Fixed Term Fund - Series 3
  • Deutsche Fixed Term Fund - Series 4
  • Deutsche Fixed Term Fund - Series 5
  • Deutsche Fixed Term Fund - Series 6
  • Deutsche Fixed Term Fund - Series 7
  • Deutsche Fixed Term Fund - Series 8
  • Deutsche Fixed Term Fund - Series 9
  • Deutsche Fixed Term Fund - Series 11
  • Deutsche Fixed Maturity Plan 385 Days Series
  • Deutsche Insta Cash Plus Fund
  • Deutsche Short Maturity Fund
  • Deutsche Premier Bond Fund
  • Deutsche Dynamic Bond Fund
  • Deutsche Floating Rate Fund
  • Deutsche Money Plus Fund

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