Principal Mutual Fund

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Principal Mauritius holds 65%, Punjab National Bank 30% and Vijaya Bank 5%, on all the rights, title, interest and obligations as co-settlers to Principal Mutual Fund. Since, the year 2004, the company has grown immensely.

Principal Mutual Fund offers highly diversified innovative mutual fund products to its wide pool of customers and its products are available across seventy four Indian cities. The wide range of investment options provided by Principal Mutual Fund satisfies the varying needs of different types of investors. The asset management company of Principal Mutual Fund is Principal Financial Services Inc. USA.

Products and services offered by the Principal Mutual Fund are as follows:

Equity/Growth based products - capital appreciation over medium to long- term range from equities are the major source of income.

The equity based funds that are in operation now, are as follows -
  • Principal Growth fund
  • Principal Index fund
  • Principal Global Opportunities fund
Debt / Income based products- are chosen to generate regular and steady income from fixed income securities.

The debt based funds that are in operation now, are as follows -
  • Principal Child Benefit fund
  • Principal Fixed Duration Plan 3 year Plan Series - I
  • Principal Floating Rate fund - FMP
Balanced funds - bear a perfect balance between growth and income requirements of the investor. These funds are a mix of equity and debt instruments.

The Balanced fund that is in operation now, is -
  • Principal Balanced fund
Liquid schemes - Are schemes wherein a major portion of the corpus is invested in short term money market instruments. These schemes are best suited for institutional investors and corporates.

The liquid scheme that is in operation now, is -
  • Principal Cash Management fund
  • Principal Money Management fund
MIP schemes - Are schemes wherein around 80% to 100% of the corpus is invested in debt and 0% to 20% is invested in equities.

The MIP schemes that are in operation now, are as follows -
  • Principal Monthly Income Plan
  • Principal Monthly Income Plan - MIP Plus

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