Automobile Industry in Pune, India

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The Indian automobile market in Pune has grown tremendously in the last few years. All kinds of automobiles such as cars, pick-up trucks, and tractors, have witnessed an increase in sales. But the luxury car segment has registered the highest growth in Pune's automobile market.

The various reasons for the growth of the Indian automobile market in Pune are enlisted as follows :

  • The city of Pune has a young population which has high disposable incomes that are generally used for buying cars ranging across all segments.
  • Many automobile manufactures and financial institutions have launched various attractive schemes that offer easy loans to buy automobiles. This has boosted the automobile market in Pune to a large extent.
  • The economy of the city is on the rise and this has given the residents of Pune the confidence of spending on automobiles.
  • Many spare parts shops and service centers can be found in Pune. They have made it easy for car-owners to get their automobiles repaired. This too has led to the rise in the sale of automobiles in Pune.

Various automobile dealers in the Pune automobile market :

  • Lonkar Automobiles Private Limited
  • Mahindra Automobiles
  • Kotkar Automobiles
  • Nirmal Automobiles
  • Mokha Automobiles
  • Jalad Automobiles Private Limited
The various financial institutions that have boosted the Indian automobile market in Pune are:
  • Navcom Financial Services Limited
  • Jayvin Financial Services
  • Manipal Finance Corporation Limited
  • Mukund Global Finance Limited
  • J. M Financial Investment Consultant Service Limited
  • Jai Vaibhav Laxmi Finance
The Indian automobile market in Pune has registered growth to an extent that many car manufacturers have set up manufacturing and research units in Pune itself! The automobile market in Pune has not only enhanced the national car market but also strengthened the economy of the country as a whole.

Last Updated on 4/16/2015