Automobile Industry in Chandigarh, India

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The Indian Automobile market in Chandigarh has witnessed a tremendous growth in the last few years. All types of automobiles, be it passenger cars or pick up trucks, have registered an increase in sales in the Chandigarh territory.

The sector of automobiles that have grown the most in Chandigarh is the luxury car segment. The various reasons for growth in the Indian automobile market in Chandigarh are as under:
  • The boom in the real estate in Chandigarh was a result of residents acquiring wealth by selling land. This quick money is more often than not used for purchasing high-end cars. This phenomenon has greatly boosted the automobile market in Chandigarh.

    • Most people who live in Chandigarh have NRI relatives who send money from abroad. This money, often sent in dollars, is used to buy cars, due to the Rupee-Dollar disparity.

    • Financial institutions and automobile manufactures have launched several finance schemes independently or in collaboration to attract the residents of Chandigarh, thereby boosting car sales in this zone.

    • The economy is very strong in Chandigarh and this factor has given its residents the power to spend money on expensive automobiles.
Some of the various car dealers in Chandigarh:
  • Pioneer Toyota
  • Charisma Hyundai
  • Swaraj Mazda Limited
  • Audi Chandigarh
  • KLG Hyundai
  • Om Car Accessories
  • Carnation Auto India Pvt. Ltd
In Chandigarh, the Indian automobile market is so big that the greatest concentration of luxury cars is to be found in the city. There are over 300 Mercedes cars in the city of the S-class, C-class, and E-class! The other luxury car brands that are in demand in the automobile market in Chandigarh are the BMW, Corolla, Skoda, and Ford.

The Indian automobile market in Chandigarh has expanded a lot and this has given the Indian automobile industry as a whole, a major boost. In keeping with the surge in car sales in Chandigarh, car makers are even queuing up to set up manufacturing units in this city which is undoubtedly one of the most affluent cities in India.

Last Updated on 4/17/2015