Automobile Industry in Nagpur, India

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The Indian automobile market in Nagpur has registered a sharp rise in the last few years. All kinds of automobiles such as luxury cars, passenger cars, multi- utility vehicles, and pick up trucks have witnessed increase in sale in Nagpur.

These activities have boosted not only the Indian automobile industry but the national economy as a whole. The various reasons for the growth of the Indian automobile market in Nagpur are:
  • The economy of Nagpur is rising, and as a result, people have disposable incomes which they are spending on buying high-end automobiles.

    • The government has made various policies with regard to the automobile industry such as reducing import tariffs and also relaxing equity regulations. This has resulted in the reduction of the prices of automobiles which has encouraged the automobile market in Nagpur.

    • The various loan schemes launched by the automobile manufactures and the financial institutions have made it very easy for the people of Nagpur to buy automobiles.

    • There are many service centers and spare-parts shops in Nagpur. This makes it very easy for car owners to get their cars repaired very easily. This has further boosted the Indian automobile market in Nagpur.

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