Automobile Industry in Ahmedabad, India

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The Indian Automobile market in Ahmedabad has registered tremendous growth in the last few years. All kinds of automobiles - pick-up trucks, two-wheelers, and luxury cars - have witnessed an increase in sales in the city of Ahmedabad. This has boosted the Indian automobile industry to a large extent.

The various reasons for the growth of the Indian automobile market in Ahmedabad are enumerated as under:

  • The economy of the city is rising and this has given the people disposable income which they are spending on purchasing automobiles.

  • Many finance schemes have been launched by the automobile manufactures and the financial institutions, resulting in the increase of sales of automobiles in Ahmedabad.

  • The government has reduced tariffs on imports and has also relaxed equity regulations pertaining to the automobile industry. All these measures have led to a reduction in automobile prices, which in turn have boosted the sale of automobiles in Ahmedabad.

  • Many residents of Ahmedabad have relatives who send them money from abroad. This money is usually spent for buying automobiles. This has naturally increased car and bike sales in Ahmedabad and strengthened its automobile market.
  • There are many service centers and spare parts shops in Ahmedabad which have made it easy for the people to get their automobiles repaired easily, at affordable costs. This is also a vital factor that has contributed to Ahmedabad's automobile market.
Various automobile dealers in Ahmedabad are:
  • Emerald Honda
  • Jolly Motors
  • Sharma Hyundai
  • Landmark Honda
  • Infinium Toyota
  • Nine Bridges Harley-Davidson
  • Renault Showroom
The various financial institutions that have boosted the Indian automobile market in Ahmedabad are:
  • Effort Financial Service
  • Chartered Financial Services Private Limited
  • Compact Lease Financing Limited
  • Nakoda Auto Finance
  • Sumeru Leasing and Finance Limited
The Indian automobile market in Ahmedabad has grown tremendously in the last few years, due to the aspirational lifestyle of the modern day Indian and the easy and affordable loan schemes that are floated by several banks and financial institutions.

Last Updated on 4/17/2015