Indian Petrochemicals Corp

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Indian Petrochemicals Corp (IPCL) was set up in 1969 and is a leading petrochemicals company in India. The Indian Petrochemicals Corp. Ltd. was established with the aim of encouraging promoting the use of plastic in India.

Indian Petrochemicals Corp's business includes fiber intermediaries, polymers, catalysts, polyesters, synthetic fiber, solvents, industrial chemicals, and surfactants. The Indian Petrochemicals Corp Company has 3 complexes for petrochemicals manufacture - a naphtha-based complex in Vadodara, and gas-based complexes at Nagothane and at Dahej. At Vadodara, the Indian Petrochemicals Corp. also operates a manufacturing unit for catalysts.

The Petrochemicals Indian Corp. had a production capacity of 66,000 tons when it was set up but the manufacturing capacity of the company's units has since been upgraded as a result of adopting the latest technologies. As a result, the production capacity has been increased to more than 1 million tons. The company also has centers for technology management, research, products application, and customer relations. All these centers have helped the Indian Petrochemicals Corp. to continuously improve its products and processes.

The Indian Petrochemicals Corp.'s turnover amounted to US$ 2 billion in 2005- 2006. The board of the company comprises of 5 non-independent and 5 independent directors. In 2002, the Indian government divested 26% shares that belonged to it in favor of Petroinvestments Reliance Ltd. which is a company under the Reliance Group. Reliance Petro-investments Ltd. further acquired 20% shares in Indian Petrochemicals Corp. As a result, Reliance holds around 46% share of Indian Petrochemicals Corp.

Indian Petrochemicals Corp. has grown by a large margin its inception. This has been possible due to the fact that it has strictly maintained the high quality of its products and thus has been able to sustain and increase its customer base.

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