Project Report Format

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In consideration to specific requirements, a project report must entail relevant information in several formats and present it in an easy to understand and properly structured manner. Prepared in the form of pertinent ranking or reports, or economic trend predictions, project report is the most significant tool for decision-making.

Standard Project Report Format

The measurement of a standard project report should be in A4 size. It should be bounded by elastic cover preferably of white color art paper and should be prepared according to the below mentioned format of a project report:
  1. Title Page

    - The title page and cover page must display the topic of the project report
  2. Authentic Certificate

    - The authentic certificate must posses the controller's signature, followed by his name and designation along with full address, institution's name and his department's name.
  3. Summary

    - The abstract must be a one page short summary of the project report. It should provide an insight of the comprehensive report.
  4. Content Tables

    - The content table should catalog all the topics which are included in the project report. Among the content items, the authentic certificate and title page should not be included.
  5. Catalog of symbols, acronyms and categorizations

    - The catalog should include all the standard symbols, acronyms and categorizations used in the project report.
  6. Chapters:

    This can be classified in three broad categories namely preliminary chapter, chapters introducing the focal theme of the project report and conclusion. The chief content is again classified various lessons with each lesson being further classifies into various segments and sub-segments.

    Make sure that every lesson is given suitable heading. The placing of facts and figures and other statistics in each chapter should be at the instant vicinity of the suggestion where they are quoted. The annotation s should be placed carefully. They should be positioned below the text that they refer to.
  7. Appendices

    - Appendices are included in a project report to provide additional information which is incorporated in the primary content and serve as a diversion and cloud the fundamental topic. They should be figured using Arabic numerals such as Appendix 2, Appendix 15, Appendix 21, etc. Tables and suggestions featuring in Appendices should be figured and submitted at suitable positions.
  8. References Catalog

    - The References Catalog should be placed below a broad "References" title. The suggestion text should be organized in the alphabetical sequence of the primary writer. The writer's name should be followed by the year of edition and other relevant details.
Last Updated on May 29, 2015