Project Report on Finance

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Finance is one of the basic requirements of all human ventures be it personal or professional. Finance indicates to the monetary resources possessed or borrowed by an enterprise or business venture to support their functioning.

Project report on Finance helps a firm or a student to access the various risk and return patterns, optimal capital structure, corporate administration assessment, financial markets, stock holder analysis, etc. It deals with all the features of an enterprise and their operational outcomes in context of mobilizing and utilization of fiscal resources.

A finance project report can be prepared on various topics namely Inventory Management, Comparative & Common size financial statements Analysis, Leverages, Budgeting & Budgetary Control, Financial and overall performance Analysis, Cash flow statements, Ratio analysis, Funds flow statements, Cost of Capital, Marginal costing, Working capital management, Stock & Bond pricing, Capital structure, Portfolio Management, Capital Budgeting, Risk analysis, etc

Standard Format

  1. Research Introduction
  2. Research Objectives
  3. Generating leads for the firm
  4. Development Sales Map or Promotional Team
    • Process
    • Implementation
    • Risks
    • Conclusion
  5. Rest of the World (ROW) Details
    • Process
    • Implementation
    • Risks
    • Conclusion
  6. Business Acquisition Strategies
  7. Costing and Financial Plan
  8. Team Job Requirement
    • UP function summary
    • Field Sales Individual summary
    • Inside Sales Individual summary
  9. Technical Pre-requisites
  10. Training Pre-requisites
  11. Key to Success
  12. Total Risks
  13. Conclusion

Objectives of preparing of Finance Project Report

The basic objective of preparing a Finance Project Report is to offer relevant information on the fiscal standing, performance and alterations in the economic ranking of an enterprise that is significant for its clients as well as its decision makers.
  1. To evaluate the financial ranking:

    The fiscal positioning of an enterprise is influenced by the fiscal reserves it possess, its monetary arrangement, its liquidity and its competence to get used to to transformations in the market in which it operates.

  2. To evaluate the firm's performance:

    Performance is the aptitude of the enterprise to accrue revenues that have been endowed in it. Knowledge about the capacity and inconsistency of revenues assists the firm in predicting the anticipated monetary flows from the firm's current reserves and in predicting possible additional fund influx from extra resources that can be endowed in the enterprise.

  3. To evaluate the alterations in Fiscal Ranking:

    Users of fiscal report look for information about the endowments, subsidizing and functional activities that the enterprise embark on while treatment period. This data assists in evaluating how effectively the enterprise is able to generate fund and money and how the firm uses the cash influx.

Utility of Finance Project Report

The major classes of finance information users are current and prospective investors, staffs, shareholders, clients, governments and their intermediaries. All these information seekers are completely dependent on fiscal report to assist their decision making process.

Investors provide risk capital to the enterprise; hence every fiscal project report must satisfy their requirements. Common to all of these information seekers is their curiosity in the capacity of an enterprise to produce funds and funds equivalents besides the time and assurance of anticipated fund flows.

Project report on finance describes the fiscal effects of the past occurrences, deals that most information seekers need to associate with the future events. Finance project report offer only constrained amount of non-fiscal data required by the seekers of fiscal statements.

Last Updated on May 29, 2015