Project report on Banking

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Project report on Banking presents expansion of the financial industry from an amateur sector into a mature and self-motivated industry to operate competently and successfully as an agent, both, at the domestic and global levels. It also sets the objectives for the banking sector to be attained in the next 7-10 fiscal years.

Project report on Banking - Format

  1. History of Banking Sector in India
    • SBI and its subordinates
    • Indian, Private and International Banks
    • Pre and Post Independence to Liberalization and Centralization
  2. Different Banking Groups
  3. Domestic Network of Bank's Branches
  4. Responsibility of Reserve Bank of India
  5. RBI fiscal and Credit guidelines
  6. Sector's expansion in the current fiscal year
  7. Analysis of Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)
  8. Assessment of Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF)
  9. Deposits
    • Sources of Capital
    • Allocation of Deposits by banks and ownership
    • Types of Deposits - CASA and Term
  10. Banks Performance
    • SBI
    • Centralized Banks
    • Private Sector Banks
    • International Banks
  11. Banks Advances
    • Credit outflow
    • Retail loans
    • Priority Sector loans
  12. SLR, Non SLR and Bank-wise Investments
  13. Total revenues
  14. Total Expenditures - Operating, Staff and Non-staff
  15. Net Interest Margin ecaluation
  16. Profitability of the banks
    • PSUs
    • SBI
    • Centralized
    • Private
    • International
  17. Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) evaluation - trends and provisions
  18. Industry-wise NPA disintegration
  19. Revival of NPAs
  20. Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) evaluation
  21. Assessment if consolidation is impending for the Indian banking sector
  22. Financial year revenue assessment
  23. Statistical fugures on Banks
    • No. of Branches
    • Net Profit
    • Total Business
    • Net interest Margins
    • Return on Equity
    • Return on Asset
  24. Analysis on Banking players
  25. References
  26. Conclusions

Project report on Banking - Features

A project report on banking includes the following information which can be of considerable use for the information seekers:
  • Comprehensive study of the reserves available with the bank from the beginning of the financial year, economic condition in relocation of deposits by different banks, low priced savings and alterations in interest rate.
  • Detailed assessment of credit flow in a particular fiscal year, priority industrial finance and credit on the basis of security for various banks.
  • Industry-wise examination of maturity variance between deposits and advances.
  • Assessment of SLR and Non-SLR endowment trends and industry wise evaluation of endowments to savings ratio
  • Estimation of total revenue, economic trend in operating value, employee value and of several banks
  • Profound investigation of Net Interest Margins (NIMs) for the banking industry
  • Trend assessment in productivity of the industry over the last 5-7 years
  • Non-performing Assets (NPAs) trend assessment in the financial year
  • High fund requirement if any in the Indian banking system
  • Study of trend in CASA ratio and reformatted assets for the fiscal year
  • Comprehensive assessment on the consolidation requirements within the banking sector
  • Viewpoints on Advances and deposit expansion in the fiscal year
  • Presentation on the technique deployed by the bank for future expansions
  • Profile of top ten banking players
  • Profit and loss analysis of the industry
  • Trend analysis in stake holding pattern in the last 5-7 years
Last Updated on May 29, 2015