Rural Bazar Tamil Nadu

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Rural Bazar Tamil Nadu aims at ensuring self-employment among the rural population to boost up the economic growth in the state. There are 1,31,749 Self Help Groups in Tamil Nadu which has taken up the welfare program of abolishing the issue of unemployment.

Unemployment is a very detrimental issue in every state and the rural regions of the state generally faces it more as there is more illiteracy in those areas than the urban sectors. Moreover, due to the poor economic condition, it is not possible for every child to go to school. This problem as faced by the rural region in Tamil Nadu added the initiation of changes in the activities of the state government and Government of India.

They implemented the task of setting up of a range of Self Help Groups in Tamil Nadu. Among 1,31,749 Self Help Groups, around 14,000 groups received financial assistance for enforcing a range of welfare programs specially designed for the improvement of the Rural Bazar in Tamil Nadu. These Self Help Groups manufactured various products and after multiplying it over a period of time doubled these. The setting up of these Self Help Groups in the rural sector in Tamil Nadu led to an upsurge of shops in various regions of the state, which boosted the rural business in Tamil Nadu in general. Alongside this, around 225 village shops and 28 district marketing complexes have been set up as a welfare activity of these Self Help Groups.

Apart from manufacturing the products and make them available in various village shops and district marketing complexes, the Self Help Groups has also helped in the marketing of those products at subsidized price range. These products are also made available online for trading purposes and the products are displayed in their respective websites along with the price tag according to the specific product size. It has also been observed that the majority of people working in these Self Help Groups are females and this is an added advantage for the poor economic condition of each household in the state's rural sector. Income of women will augment the total earning of the family members and this would cut down the poverty line. The women are deeply involved in the manufacturing of the products as well as marketing them all across the country. The trading of these products is also export-oriented as some products that are sold across the globe bring in bigger revenues to the state. Therefore, these Self Help Groups have resulted in a massive modification of the Rural Bazar Tamil Nadu.

The products manufactured by the Self Help Groups of Tamil Nadu Rural Bazar range from saris to show pieces available in a wide range of prices. The Rural Bazar Tamil Nadu is climbing the ladder of success with every passing year and implementing newer methods of technologies to enhance the trade. It has also been a great contributor to the socio-economic conditions of the state and has led to the improvement of the rural business of Tamil Nadu to a great extent.

last Updated 25/05/2011