Department of Rural Development Govt. of Uttar Pradesh

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The Department of Rural Development, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh is chiefly concerned with the implementation of welfare activities that are framed in order to improve the conditions of the rural sections of the state.

India constitutes around 50 percent of rural population, which lack proper infrastructure and employment opportunities that has led to a major crisis in the socio-economic condition of the country as a whole. Each state of the country comprises of such rural regions, which have been treated as the backward sections of the society. To combat the fiasco, the state government has introduced a separate department that will yield to the development of rural sector in the state. This development process is carried out by implementing a range of welfare schemes with regard to the amending of the collapsing economic condition of the rural community.

The five-year plan formulated by the government of India includes a range of rural development schemes that were designed for the rural sections of each of the states in the country. The chief concern of the rural development department in Uttar Pradesh is to reduce the poverty line by ensuring more and more employment opportunities among the rural poor. This gave rise to the formation of various development schemes, which have made the biggest contribution in improving the lives of the rural masses. A number of special projects under NREGA and SGRY were formulated as development programmes for rural employment and other welfare activities. Rural development department of Uttar Pradesh also ensures self-employment and wage-employment options by introducing the Self-Help Groups among the rural poor.

Some of the major welfare schemes implemented by the Department of Rural Development, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh are as follows:

  • Ensuring an infrastructural development in the rural corners of Uttar Pradesh that includes setting up of schools and other educational institutions, facilities for health related issues, improving the roads, facilitating drinking water, providing sufficient electricity, and so on.

  • Developing the agricultural productivity in these backward sections as agriculture is the chief occupation for the majority of rural people.

  • Improving the socio-economic condition of these areas by setting up academic and medical institutions.

  • Establishing an industrial sector to enhance the agricultural productivity and ensure rural employment.

  • Providing financial assistance through various credits and subsidies to the rural families residing below the poverty line by introducing a number of Self-Help Groups.

The contact details of the Department of Rural Development, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh is mentioned below:

Department of Rural Development,
10th Floor, Jawahar Bhavan, Ashok Marg,
Lucknow,UP, INDIA- 226001


last Updated 25/05/2011