Rural Bazar Tripura

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Rural Bazar Tripura has attracted a lot of consumers by enhancing the handicrafts, handloom, and sericulture industry in the state. The rural bazar in Tripura has carved out recognition for itself in the above-mentioned industries.

The handicrafts industry in the rural bazar Tripura portrays the artistic skills of the craftsmen who have a major contribution in the flourishing economy of the handicraft sector in the state. The exquisite pieces manufactured by those skilled hands characterize the topography and benignant nature of Tripura along with the heritage of the state.

The materials used for the handicrafts pieces in the rural bazar Tripura include cane, bamboo, clay, wood palm leaf, and many more. The three distinctive cultures, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam have found vicinity in the craftswork in the handicrafts industry in Tripura. Cane and Bamboo are an inseparable part of the people in Tripura. Not a single festival or occasion in the state is celebrated without cane and bamboo. These cane and bamboo handicrafts carved in the rural bazar Tripura are known to be the best handicraft items all across the country. Furnitures, Panels, Partitions, Table mats and other mat products, Lamp shades, and many more such items are crafted out of cane and bamboo and are available in a wide range of exclusive designs. These cane and bamboo crafts in Tripura are highly export-oriented and are exported to a number of overseas countries of hard currency.

The handicrafts industry has a production range of around 200 exclusive pieces in the recent period with 10,000 skilled craftsmen involved in manufacturing various useful and unique handicraft items in the rural bazar Tripura. Handicraft industry in Tripura rural bazar is also engaged in interior decoration products such as false ceilings, paneling, plaques, pot containers (planters) and so on. These items are usually made of gossamer thin bamboo mattress, which were embellished with wood inlay, cane and bamboo. The products manufactured in the handicraft industry in Rural Bazar Tripura exhibits a unique assemblage of tradition and talent as it brightens up the interiors, which is a pictorial depiction of the taste and feeling of the connoisseurs.

The handloom industry has also occupied a sacred place in the heritage of Tripura. The art of weaving carries a religious significance especially in the rural sector of the state. The tribal society in the rural sector of Tripura holds a firm belief that any rite or ritual can only be sanctioned after its being leaded by a worship of ‘Riha’ that is claimed to be the hand-woven breast cover of the family elders. The folk-lorries and fables characterizing the antediluvian era of Tripura galore present myriad examples of laurels of the art of weaving carried out in the tribal society. Today, Tripura Handloom industry in the rural bazar portrays a unique symphonious blend of three traditions namely Tribal, Bengalee and Manipuri weaving. Cotton sari, Chaddar, shirting or dress material, furnishing cloths, and various other diversified items are manufactured in the handloom industry in the Rural Bazar Tripura.

Sericulture is another industry in Tripura that has boosted the socio-economic status of the state to a massive extent. The annual production of the unit is 6.00 metric Ton, which carries a value of ` 60,00,000.00. The only food for the silk worm is mulberry leaf and a huge amount of workers are directly involved in this occupation of extracting the silk material from the silk worms which is then transformed into fabrics to weave sarees, dress materials, scarfs, bafta shirting, and many other silk products as well.

These three industries in the Rural Bazar Tripura have greatly contributed in improving the economic status of the rural region in the state by trimming down the poverty line. The establishment of these industrial sectors have reached the acme of success and boosted the rural business in the state. It has ensured employment in every corner of the state. This was one of the most successful and unnerving measures taken by the Government of India as well as the state government to ameliorate the rural business in Tripura.

last Updated 25/05/2011