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The promotion of Swarozgaris under the banner of SARAS was one of the major steps taken by the Ministry of Rural Development during the year 1999-2000 for the improvement of rural business. The main aim of the Ministry of Rural Development in subscribing most of the rural products under the banner of SARAS was that, it wanted to give the rural products a globally recognized brand name which would be an added value to the trading of these products. This task taken up by the Ministry of Rural Development has opened up a galore of opportunities for the rural artisans or entrepreneurs or officials who are deeply involved in the program of Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY). The business people got a vast exposure in the international market with the help of this program.

This can be claimed to be one of the beneficiary activities performed by the Rural Ministry for the welfare of the state's economy especially the rural sector. SARAS was recognized to be an umbrella brand under which a variety of products were marketed not only in the domestic market but in the international markets as well. The chief concern of the Rural Ministry was to tap a big opportunity in the markets across the country and also to deploy its programs all across the world. The SARAS also acts as an awareness program to promote the rural products manufactured amongst the urban consumers in Delhi and the neighboring places. This is a strategic step to expand the market for the consumption of rural products.

SARAS has been a regular annual event every since 1999 when it hit the market at one go with its innovative approach to the consumers. The SARAS exhibition is also a portrayal of the skills of people residing in different corners of the rural sector. The products are directly displayed in the exhibitions executed by SARAS for rural products, and the visitors enjoy the privilege to make their choices directly from the exhibition. The products are highly adored by every section of society and people from all across the country participate in the SARAS exhibition. The sales graph of the rural products are growing higher and higher and every year there is a phenomenal rise in the selling of products. Some participants even order these products in a bulk apart from buying single pieces. The products range includes handicrafts, textiles, artwork, furniture, draperies, household artifacts, items of daily use, and many more.

The exhibition of rural products under the banner of SARAS has also been a participant in the India International Trade Fair (IITF). Such enhancements in the program have fueled the confidence and enthusiasm within the craftsmen and they are giving their best of production every year for it. SARAS has not only recognized the in-built skills of the artisans that were subdued but also provided them with a plethora of opportunities to make the best use of it. The goods manufactured by these rural poor are made popular to adorn the domestic markets and has also paved its way through the urban, metropolitan, and global markets.

SARAS exhibitions have also won the confidence of the stakeholders in the development of rural products or craftsmen. Apart from opening up of new roads for these hidden talents, SARAS has been also playing a key role in connecting these talents with various markets. SARAS 2003 will be strictly focusing on improving the skills of the artisans and increasing the richness of products by developing more awareness programs among the rural poor.

last Updated 25/05/2011