Mid Size Car Market in India

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Mid-size car market in India has grown tremendously in the last few years. A mid-size car is an automobile which have a size that is between a compact and a car of full size. It typically has the capacity to carry 4 passengers.

In India the mid-size car price ranges between 3-8 lakh. Although the automobile market in India is growing at 7% per year, the mid-size car market in India is growing at the rate of around 20% per year. This shows how fast the growth is taking place in the market of mid-size car in India. It is no wonder therefore, that most of the latest car launches in India have been in the mid-size segment.

The various reasons for the growth of the mid-size car market in India are:
  • The economy in the country is rising leaving the people with a lot of disposable income. This money is being spent by the people in buying the mid-size car.

  • Various loan schemes have been launched by the automobile manufacturers and financial institutions giving a boost to the market of mid-size car in India.

  • The government in relation to the automobile industry have taken out various polices such as reducing the import tariffs and also relaxing the equity regulations. This has led to the reduction in the prices of the mid-size cars.

  • The youth in the country are earning high pay packages due to the IT boom in the country. This enables them to buy the mid-size car which further boosts the mid-size car market in India.
The various automobile companies manufacturing the mid-size car for India are:
  • Ford
  • Fiat India
  • Hindustan motors
  • Maruti udyog
  • Tata motors
  • San motors

A lot of activity is expected in the mid-size car market in India. Several car makers from across the world are planning to enter the Indian car market with cars that belong to the mid-size segment. Customers can hence take their pick from the best in the world.

Last Updated on 4/23/2015