Rolls-Royce Motor In India

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Rolls-Royce Motor was founded by Frederick Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls on May 4, 1904. Royce by profession was an engineer and Rolls was a salesman. Rolls Royce Motors exhibited its first grand product in an exhibition held in Paris, in 1904.

Rolls-Royce introduced its blockbuster and immortal version 'Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost' in the year 1907. The model was a masterpiece with respect to its grandeur and engineering. It gained immediate admiration and respect amongst its peers. Even today, Rolls-Royce Motor is respected for their engineering perfection and unmatched grand styling. Rolls-Royce Motor was acquired by the BMW Group in 1998.

In India, Rolls Royce was introduced more than 70 years ago. The first aero-engine in India was introduced by Rolls-Royce Motor. The famous aircraft parts manufacturing company of India - the Hindustan Aeronautics limited (HAL), Bangalore, is a 'production partnership' licensee of Rolls Royce. This 'production partnership' license was awarded to Hindustan Aeronautics limited (HAL) in 1956.

Rolls-Royce Motor premium cars have the trade mark, trendy interiors with a grand and royal external looks. The latest version of Rolls Royce Phantom depicts the same basic styling pattern with all modern accessories and engineering excellence. It has contemporary features like protective 'C' pillar behind the rear doors and discreet rear windows, long bonnet etc. Rolls-Royce Phantom is another classic product from the house of Rolls-Royce Motor.

In 2005, Rolls-Royce Motors returned to India in a big way after a prolonged absence of almost 5 decades. An all new Rolls-Royce Phantom was launched in Mumbai, India and Rolls Royce Motors is extremely optimistic about its foray into the Indian market.

Last Updated on 4/15/2015