Automobile Industry in Mumbai, India

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The Indian Automobile Market at Mumbai is one of the oldest markets of the country. The first automobile in India ran on Mumbai's streets.

In India cars are still considered a luxury. The only difference is that many more Indians today can afford this luxury. The number of two-wheelers and small cars has soared in the Indian car market, as is the case with luxury cars.

Mumbai had a huge automobile market then as it has now, because majority of the rich who could afford to buy a car were settled in Mumbai. However, today the Indian Automobile Industry has grown a lot but still, most of the big automobile industries have their corporate offices in Mumbai. For instance, Tata Motors (the largest vehicle manufacturer in India) is head-quartered in Mumbai.

India, being one of the strongest emerging economies of the world, is doing exceptionally well in the automobile sector as well. Mumbai happens to be one of the best places where cars manufactured by almost all companies across the world can be found. With the increase in demand of luxury cars like Gallardo (Rs. 2 crore) and Murcielago (Rs. 3 crore) from Lamborghini, luxurious transport has acquired whole new meanings! The Lamborghini has also appointed a dealer in Mumbai. The manufacturers of BMW, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and Maybach have already sold more cars than they expected in Mumbai, where sales have been maximum.

Mohan Mariwala, (Mercedes Benz dealer in Mumbai) attributed the growth in demand of these cars to the rise in income that made the buyers keener on style and luxury than concerned about price tags and fuel efficiency.

Apart from all this, huge sales of two-wheelers take place in Mumbai every year. India is the largest two- wheeler manufacturer in the world.

As can be seen, the Indian Automobile Market in Mumbai has grown enormously, contributing to the growth of the Indian automobile market and looks all set for further development and exciting times ahead.

Last Updated on 4/16/2015