Business Ideas for Senior Citizens

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Maintaining an active life is one of the most important things for most of the elderly; and in order to maintain an active life, senior citizens can engage in some business ventures. Leading an active life not only helps the elderly people to maintain their health but also helps in earning some profits. Owning to their years of experience, the elderly people might hit the jackpot with the business ideas available for the senior citizens. There are various business ideas for elderly which can help them earn huge profits.

Home Based Business Ideas for Elderly

The following is a list of some lucrative business ideas for elderly.


Those elderly people who like flowers and have a passion for gardening can turn their hobby into business. Gardening is one of the most productive business ideas for senior citizens. Engaging in this kind of business venture not only will help to maintain a healthy and active life but will also help in erasing the boredom. Elderly people can involve in selling the flowers that are grown in their garden and at the same time earn huge profits from it.


For those elderly people who have an interest in decoration, mainly those made for homes, can start taking this seriously as a business venture. Skill is the prime capital necessary for business ventures like this. The senior citizens can make various home related products and sell them in some flea markets or local bazaar.

Make Pet Toys

This business idea is mainly meant for people who are good at craft works. Making soft toys is a very profitable business venture in India. People who have the talent should take their talent further by trying and making different soft toys and selling them to their clients.

Renting Property

There are many senior citizens who have property which can be rented. If the property is rented then a good amount of money can be earned as a profit. The only thing that is necessary when venturing into space rent is to make a list of the goods and items that will be rented to the expected tenant.

Selling garage resources

Generally many unwanted goods and items gather in the garages of the elderly. One of the best and profitable ways of getting rid of them is arranging for a sale of the garage items.

Last Updated On June 01, 2015