Business Ideas for Teachers

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Teaching is considered one of the most noble professions. Our teachers are one of the most important people in our lives because they have a great deal of influence on us.

Online Home Business Ideas for Teachers

Below are some business ideas for teachers which could help them make that extra buck.


Since teachers are already good at this tutoring is the best business idea for teachers. Teachers can offer tuitions in the subject they are good at.

Marking Exams

This business idea is also in line with the profession of teaching. Since teachers already expertise in marking test papers they can do it as a side business where they can check papers of different boards examinations like BA, Bcom, Bsc etc.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are becoming very popular business idea for teacher’s these days. Teachers can plan out a summer camp for children for a week or two in their summer holidays. Teachers can chalk out a list of activities and enjoy a week out with their students which would be beneficial for the teachers and the students as well.

Soft Skill Training

Soft skills are a very important part of an individual’s life. In order to get a good job a student should definitely hold a good mark sheet but along with that he should be well spoken and well behaved. Teachers can offer soft skills, interpersonal skills and interview training to students who are ready to move out in the job market.

Creative Online Business ideas for teachers

Passion Discovery

One of the most important things today is finding out what you love doing. There are teenagers who land up in the wrong profession due to a mistake in figuring out what they are made for. A person is successful only when he applies his skills to what he is best at. Therefore teachers can devise a tool which could be in the form of a psychometric test which would measure the child’s capabilities, strengths and skills and point out the field of study or career which he or she should go ahead with. Hence this could result as a good profit making business idea for teachers.

Case Study Portal

Case studies are becoming an integral part of the education system in India in the modern day. Therefore a practice case study portal where a student can get cases on any and every subject would be a very interesting business to go ahead with.

Online Tutoring

There maybe a million similar sights but there is always a scope of being different and better than the rest. You could offer free online information and also market your personal ebooks and offer online tutoring in the subject that you are good at.

Create a blog to talk about controversial topics in your subject of interest

It is a common fact that a child is more influenced by his/ her teacher than his parents. The youth of our country is very enthusiastic. Invite them to offer their opinions on current social topics and make it an open communicating forum.

Last Updated On June 02, 2015