Business Ideas for NRI (Non Resident Indians)

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For NRI or Non Resident Indians, business opportunities are available in plenty in India. Those Non Resident Indians (NRIs), who are planning to come back in India will never fall short of business opportunities. In addition, loans, funds and various incentives are offered to the NRIs, thereby, making it easier to start with a business venture.

Home Based Business Ideas for NRIs

There are numerous profit earning business ideas for NRIs, some of which are listed below:

Supplier of Branded Products for Indian Firms

NRIs can rope in the business of supplying branded products for various Indian firms. It is, in fact, considered as one of the ideal ways for the NRI to earn money. Firms like that of automobiles, consumer goods firms are always in the look out for different suppliers or distributors in numerous areas for the perfect distribution of goods and products. All that is required for a distributor to do is to sell the products to the wholesalers.

Creating Online Consumer Support Firm in India:

Since more and more foreign firms are providing consumer help in India for the products and services, consumer support online is fast becoming a lucrative business idea for NRI. Other factors like low cost of telephone usage, low cost internet phones and email help, at a reasonable rate have prompted forming consumer support firm online in India.

Data Entry

There is always an increasing demand for data entry businesses that include medical records and the like. NRIs can take up business related to data entry, for there are higher chances of profit. In addition, unlike most of the business starting a data entry business does not require much investment. The only necessary thing for data entry business is trained workers.

Setting up a Software Firm

NRIs already in the software field can easily set up a software firm. One of the prime reasons for starting up a software business is that plenty of companies in India need various types of software, and the companies usually prefer self-dependent programmers of software. Starting a software business can prove to be one of many money-spinning business ideas for NRIs in the long run.

Last Updated On May 28, 2015