Business Ideas for Retired People

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There are a host of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business from home after retirement. It is always seen that once a person is retired he starts losing interest in life, hence it is always advisable that one should always keep himself or herself in some sort of constructive work so that his/ her mind is always working. Another matter of concern would be that these days due to the rising prices, we are not left with sufficient amount of savings to throughout our lifetime. Hence working after retirement is a great idea because it not only provides financial security but gives one the zest to live.

Home Based Business Ideas for Retirees


Senior citizens can initiate a consulting business in their field of expertise. Retired citizens have loads of experience with them with which they can train the new and inexperienced staff who join new companies and are in need of some sort of guidance or training.


Affiliate marketing is the online selling of products from home especially if you are a marketing or sales person. These jobs include selling of products on a commission basis made on every product that is sold.


Teaching could be another viable option for retired individuals who want to make money after retirement. You could provide tuitions in your subject of expertise to children or teenagers who could come to your house to study or you could go to their homes whichever suits you best. You could also teach music or dance or any form of art if you expertise in any of those fields.

Sewing from home:

This is particularly suited fro women. Women who are good at sewing can take this up as a business idea to work from home. They can sew clothes, quilts, curtains etc for people in the neighborhood.

Freelance Writing:

It is thanks to the internet that we have a host of new small business ideas after retirement. If you have it in you and you enjoy writing you could turn this into your personal business by writing for magazines, books, newspapers etc.

Writing e-books:

If you have the style and the flair you could go ahead and pen down a few e-books in your area of expertise and sell them on the internet. This could be another exciting business idea for retired individuals.

Last Updated On May 28, 2015