Business Ideas for Writers

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Writing for pay is definitely not the most glamorous occupations today but it is definitely very lucrative. There are a huge number of business ideas and opportunities for the would be entrepreneur who has the ability to write well. It is definitely not as easy as it sounds because it involves a lot of tedious research work but for somebody who is serious and wants to pursue with it as a business opportunity it is sure to yield good profits.

Home Based Business Ideas for Writers

Resume Writing:

People today are ready to pay huge sums of money to job portals for structuring and writing their resumes properly. Putting together an effective resume becomes quite a daunting task for many people although they have all the information but simply putting it down in formal words becomes an obstruction to them. If you are good with formal writing you can assist them in writing their cover letters and resumes in a structured format which would result as a very profitable business venture for you.
Many people think of great business plans but find it very difficult to put them on paper. If you are a business savvy writer and are well versed with the technical know hows of business writing then you could be of great assistance to such people. This could indeed become a profitable business idea for you.

Content Writing or SEO Writing:

Many web based businesses or web designing companies require freelance writers to take on the additional load that they some times face. It could be creating new content for client’s website, updating content on clients existing website or writing keyword rich articles for Search Engine Optimization. If you are a good writer you could hire a few more and provide these services to web designing companies.

Create a Community Newspaper and Offer Advertising Space

Everybody would be interested to know about the happenings in his/ her surroundings. You could create your own newspaper with daily news updates of the neighborhood and surroundings and also offer advertising space for those who could be interested to maybe advertise about their business or any such thing. This could also result in a profitable business idea for writers.

Speech Writing Services

There are many people who dread writing down speeches for themselves which they are supposed to deliver at an event or some important function. Speech writing could be taken up as a viable business opportunity to assist such kind of people.

Last Updated on May 26, 2015