Business Ideas for Valentines Day

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Majority of people in the world celebrate Valentines Day. It is a day of gifts. Mostly lovers exchange gifts on this day. These gifts are mainly in the form of chocolates, flowers and soft toys. This is a great day to make some extra cash by investing in a small business catering to gift requirements that couples want to gift to their Valentines. So if you have the talent then you should make use of it and start off a small business and make some money out of it.

Interesting Business Ideas for making money during Valentines Day

Below is a list of some of the business ideas you could take up during Valentines:

Flower arrangement

Flowers are a part and parcel of every celebration in India and especially on Valentines Day . If you have that creative spark in you, you could go ahead and arrange some beautiful flowers for the special day. You could make your bouquets look different form the normal ones sold in the market and they are sure to be sold like hot cakes on Valentines Day . Flower arrangement would be a great business idea for creative people.

Graphic Designing

If you are good with creating graphics you could take this business idea up for this Valentines Day . Graphic Designing requires very little investment but more time and talent. Hence if you have it in you, you could go ahead and create some designs for your clients which they would like to use as gifts.

Personalized Chocolates

If you are a great cook and expertise in making chocolates it’s the best thing to do on Valentines Day. You could make chocolates in different shapes and designs and offer your client. You could personalize it by encrypting names on the chocolates as desired by the clients.

Romantic Gifts

This is a great idea for a small business on Valentines Day. If you are creative enough and can carve out some romantic gift items for Valentines Day then they are sure to sell. You could make soft toys, candles, and small gift baskets and offer to clients on Valentines Day.


Exchanging cards is the most common thing on Valentines Day. If one can churn out a few good looking cards with good inner content this Valentines Day then it is sure to sell.

Romantic poems and one liners

If you have it in you to write few romantic poems and lines, then you can earn handsome money for writing personalized poems for love birds which they can dedicate to their partner.

Musical Performances

Many shopping malls, restaurants and hotels conduct musical programmes which require musicians and an anchor. You can choose to be a singer in a group or a music player or an anchor depending on your skills.

Jewellery Business

Rings, necklaces and bracelets are some of the popular gifts for girlfriends each Valentine. A business venture which invloves sale of designer jewellery in gold, diamonds, silver and platinum can be quite profitable too.

Last Updated On June 02, 2015