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Classic Diamonds (India) Limited is a company dealing with activities such as cutting, polishing, and marketing of rough, fully-processed, and polished diamonds, including rejected diamonds and gold jewelry studded with diamonds.

Classic Diamonds also exports to countries like Japan, United States, Hong Kong, and other European countries. Classic Diamonds (India) is drawing up plans for rapid growth in the future and is also introducing innovative methods of retailing diamonds. It is also chalking out aggressive growth plans for the future but it's taking a different route to retailing. It is now a company worth ` 6 billion. The company has currently entered into an acquisition agreement with one of the company's American direct diamond selling subsidiary, to gear up the trade and export of diamond-based jewelry.

Jewelry is emerging as a huge commercial activity in the Indian economy and it is an important growth for the same as there is a good amount of export of the jewelry. Antwerp has lost the number one position in the trade of diamonds and it has been taken over by the Gujarati community from the late 70s. These Gujarati diamond businesses are usually family-run and trading activities are carried out with a lot of trust and conviction. The Gujarati community today runs most of the major companies related to the trade of diamonds and diamond-based jewelry. With this growth, India has become an important center for outsourcing diamond-cutting work.

The management body of the Classic Diamonds (I):
  • Non Executive Chairman, Chandrakant M. Bhansali
  • Managing Director, Kumar C. Bhansali
  • Director, Nirav K. Bhansali
  • Director, Hiren H. Shah
  • Director, Mayank Mehta
  • Director, Yogesh Kaji
  • Director, Sumit Shah
  • Director, Zubin Batliwala
Objectives of the Classic Diamonds (I):
  • To be result oriented, driven by performance, customer focused
  • To monitor and seek for better opportunities in providing better quality products
  • To provide the consumers with the value of their money
  • To follow the values and ethics of the industry
  • The productive utilization of resources to be maximized
  • To provide very high products to the consumers
  • To be the benchmark in the standards of the service provided
  • To provide all round development for the country

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