The CyberSpace Mining Company

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If anybody is looking for a web recruiting automation software company then the CyberSpace Mining Company is where his/her search ends.
This company is a technology leader in the software. It offers solutions that will automate one's recruiting process.

Cyberspace comprises advanced tools and systems that choose the resumes of the most qualified candidates and direct them to the appropriate hiring manager automatically. Some resumes are also directed to the human resources department.

This process not only increases the customer's speed to hire, but also lowers the cost per hire. This also makes the entire recruitment process easy. It increases the global array of servicing and supporting the recruiting, existing human resource and IT infrastructures and staffing operations of customers anywhere in the globe.

The Mining Company optimizes the staffing process. This process takes place in various steps:
  • The system first searches resumes and arranges them according to their job posting and technology innovation
  • Next, the resumes are sorted by user-defined criteria
  • Then the resumes are posted to favorite job boards and filed into folders based on the customers' criteria
  • These resumes are automatically forwarded into the recruiter and hiring manager's Microsoft Outlook Inbox
  • The resumes are filtered according to citizenship, Department Of Defense and geographic location
  • They are also separated from spam
Therefore, the CyberSpace Mining Company makes job searching and resume posting so easy!

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