Nagarjuna Construction

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Nagarjuna Construction is one of the prominent companies operating in the real estate sector in India and was set up in 1978. The range of its activities stretches from building sky scrapers, underground drainage systems, and apartments to bridges, stadiums, roads, and farms.

Upgradation of Nagarjuna Construction:

Nagarjuna Construction was accredited with FA-rating by CRISIL in 2000 and it was in 2004 that the company entered into an agreement with Somdatt Builders Ltd. to construct a section of SH-24 road which connects Rajkot town to Morvi. This contract was estimated to be worth approximately ` 993.80 million. In 2005, Nagarjuna Construction was entrusted with a deal priced at ` 3310 million.

Major Projects of Nagarjuna Construction:

Nagarjuna Construction underwent several ups and downs in 2006, which was when the director of the company, Sri. S Samarapungavan, resigned from his post and Sri. R.V. Shastri was appointed as additional director. Nagarjuna Construction, however, managed to enter into a joint venture with a government undertaking company called National Highways Authority of India. It was also successful in grabbing orders worth ` 255 crore and ` 1180 million which raised the standards of the company. Nagarjuna Construction was entrusted with a construction project from Oman in the same year.

New Projects of Nagarjuna Construction:

Recently, Nagarjuna Construction has undertaken the development and expansion plans of the Maharashtra Airport costing ` 202 crore, which will include construction of underground sewerage and facilitate supply of water. Another contract was awarded by GESCOM in Karnataka for ` 58 crore under the Rajeev Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana, the avowed mission of which is to provide electricity to rural areas in India.

Performance of Nagarjuna Construction:

The company delineates an impressive growth rate in terms of income from operations, which, calculated on a yearly basis (ending in March, 2007) amounted to Rs.2871.05 crore, compared to ` 1840.44 crore earned in 2006. A giant leap in the amount of income from other sources taken as a whole in 2007 is approximately ` 29.18 crore, which was only ` 2.03 crore in 2006. The expenditure of the company has also increased and the consumption of raw materials, labor, and other construction expenses amounted to ` 1014.02, Rs.289.91, and 1212.90 crore in 2007 respectively. These expenses were as low as ` 758.46 crore on consumption of raw materials, Rs.177.79 crore on labor, and ` 64.47 crore on other construction expenses in 2006. There is a marked improvement in the figure of total income, from Rs.2900.23 crore in 2007 to ` 1842.47 crore in 2006.

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