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Nicholas Piramal India Limited is entirely dedicated to the drugs and health care sector in India. It is engaged in the manufacture of special medicines for significant diseases such as AIDS and cancer; apart from the general drugs produced for treating cardiovascular, diabetes and neurological problems.

Certifications of Nicholas Piramal India:

Nicholas Piramal India Limited has been continuously acknowledged with certifications for the good quality of its products. It has been recently recognized with ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certifications and ISO EN 13485 Certification for the quality of its medical appliances.

This in turn has given Nicholas Piramal India Limited an edge over other companies. The Chennai plant of Nicholas Piramal India Limited has been accredited with WHO and CGMP certification.

Manufacturing Units of Nicholas Piramal India:

The research and development work of Nicholas Piramal India Limited is carried on through a number of production plants. The Chennai plant deals with Halothane, to facilitate anesthetic effect in the patient for a temporary period of time and is also engaged in the production of Monosulfiram. Their plant at Hyderabad has won renown as a prominent API production center, for which it has got the approval of USFDA. The Pitampur manufacturing unit produces a wide variety of medicines in liquid, tablet as well as capsule forms. The Pitampur plant is well equipped with the facility to provide different types of coatings to the tablets; like sugar coating or film coating and so on. The production plant at Digwal is used as a center for works related to International formulations, whereas the production plant at Mahad in Mumbai specializes in the manufacture of entirely liquid orals. They also produce sterile Intravenous Infusions at their Mulund unit in the city of Mumbai.

Latest Financial Figures(Figures in Rs. Crores)
ET 500 Rank(2011)232
Profit after Tax(PAT)12883.36
MCAP (Market Capitalization)5924.86

Approvals received by Nicholas Piramal India:

Nicholas Piramal India Limited has incorporated research and development labs to provide the country with new inventions in the drugs section and, to improvise on the existing drugs produced by the company. It has received the approval of various institutions for its working, such as INVIMA of Columbia; MCC of South Africa; as well as the approval of Irish Medicine Board. Nicholas Piramal India Limited has also been approved for its standard by the ministry of health of a number of countries as Tanzania, Sudan, Uganda and Iran.

Products of Nicholas Piramal India:

Nicholas Piramal India Limited is generally involved in the production of anesthetic drugs, such as Halothane , Sevoflurane and Isoflurane. Isoflurane is the recently launched version of anesthetic drug which is less soluble than Halothane. The other category of product includes Sterile Polygeline Infusion that has become the most preferred product on account of the ingredient polygeline, as it considerably reduces the need for blood transfusion, restricts tissue dehydration, increases the renal blood flow and has no effect on hemodynamic parameters. The low RH tablets with RH below 10%, gelatin capsules, injectable ampoules and the ophthalmic liquids prepared using FFS technology, form the most significant products of Nicholas Piramal India Limited.

Last Updated on 1/4/2012

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