Nava Bharat Ventures

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Nava Bharat Ventures was set-up in the year 1972 but it took 3 years to start its production process in 1975. The 1st manufacturing unit of the company was located at Paloncha, Andra Pradesh, has emerged as a prominent manufacturer and exporter dealing in ferro-alloys.

Expansion of Nava Bharat Ventures:

Apart from the production of ferro alloys, Nava Bharat Ventures spread its wings to assimilate other sectors such as the sugar industry and the real estate sector as well.

The wing developed to deal with the manufacture of sugar was created in the year1980, whereas Nava Bharat Ventures entered into a joint venture with a prominent company in the real estate sector, called the Mahalaxmi Group in the year 2005 to formulate infrastructural developments. The rate of output of the thermal power producing unit of Nava Bharat Ventures formed in1997 has multiplied at a very rapid pace. Now it has developed the capability to distribute power to grids along with the fulfillment of Nava Bharat Ventures' own need for power.

Awards bagged by Nava Bharat Ventures:

In 2006, after a long hiatus of 10 years, Nava Bharat Ventures was recognized with the Best Management award rendered by the Andhra Pradesh government. This award was previously conferred to the company in the year 1985. The transparency, good relations, and welfare activities conducted by the company for its employees fetched it the Best Workers' Welfare award 4 times in 1981, 1987, 1993, and finally in 2000. Nava Bharat Ventures till date, has bagged the Best Industrial Relations Award twice, once in 1983 and then in the year1986. However, in 2002 it managed to top the list of companies competing for the Best Industrial Productivity Award, created exclusively for the state of Andhra Pradesh by the state’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Latest Financial Figures(Figures in Rs. Crores)
ET 500 Rank(2011)483
Profit after Tax(PAT)332.11
MCAP (Market Capitalization)1578.78

Performance of Nava Bharat Ventures:

Nava Bharat Ventures has delineated an amazing growth from ` 4.7crore to Rs.36.45crore in terms of net profit figures of the last 3 months in 2005, when compared with the figures of the same quarter in 2006. The company carefully used the strategy of maintaining economy and control over its expenditures levels and the superior quality of its ferro-alloys have aided to its success. Nava Bharat Ventures has made plans to start production of power in its sugar manufacturing unit. There is a marked improvement in the sales figure from ` 466.27crore in 2006 to ` 591.41crore in 2007 and an upward movement in incomes from other sources amounting to ` 9.50 crore in 2006 to ` 12.17 crore in 2007 can be seen.

Latest Facts about Nava Bharat Ventures:

Nava Bharat Ventures is heading towards more growth and development through the establishment the Greenfield power plant in the state of Orissa, that is proposed to run on coal and produce 60 mega watts of power, has been calculated to require approximately ` 190 crore. Nava Bharat Ventures has secured several new projects in the real estate sector including the metro rail project for the state of Hyderabad, a special economic zone for information technology sector, and a national highway construction for Madhya Pradesh. Other developments lined up with respect to Nava Bharat Ventures include an integrated sugar manufacturing unit and a co-generation power plant that will produce 25 megawatts of power at a capital investment of ` 150 crore.

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