Nahar Spinning Mills

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Nahar Spinning Mills is a subsidiary of the Nahar Group and was established in 1983. the company is involved both, in the manufacture and export of cotton and woolen products.

The production unit of the company comprises 66,288 spindles which manufacture 13,077 metric ton of synthetic and cotton yarn per annum.

Facts about Nahar Spinning Mills:

Nahar Spinning Mills started off with the Ludhiana unit and subsequently acquired another unit at Madhya Pradesh. The Ludhiana unit dealt with hosiery goods and utilized worsted spinning technology using wool whereas blended spinning technique was incorporated in the Madhya Pradesh unit which used cotton instead of wool. The company specializes in various kinds of yarns such as acrylic, woolen, blended, and cotton.

Expansion Plans of Nahar Spinning Mills:

Nahar Spinning Mills has spent ` 15 crore in the year 2003 for the purchase of latest equipments to improve the existing spinning standards of the company in order to stay ahead of the other companies in the textile sector.

A sum of ` 13.57 went towards the development of the garment section of the company in that year. The goodwill of Nahar Spinning Mills has spread throughout the world, especially in the textile markets of Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Indonesia, Lebanon, Chile, and Malaysia.

The company has decided to increase the quantity of production of yarn and fabrics in both, the Bhiwadi and Lalru manufacturing plants. Nahar Spinning Mills has decided to invest a sum of ` 800 crore for the twin purpose of raising the production capacity of the units and installation of power plants adding 45 megawatt more to the present capacity of 8 megawatt. The number of retail outlets will also be increased to enhance the quantity of sales of its cotton products.

Latest Financial Figures(Figures in Rs. Crores)
ET 500 Rank(2011)432
IndustryTextiles - Hosiery/Knitwear
Profit after Tax(PAT)119.73
MCAP (Market Capitalization)224.64

Segments of Nahar Spinning Mills:

Nahar Spinning Mills considered the increasing need of mercerized cotton (cotton processed to bring shine and favor treatment with dye) in the textile market. This made the company establish a Mercerizing as well as dyeing unit at an investment of ` 45 crore. This unit produces nearly 2,040 tons of mercerized cotton per annum and has raised the profit ratio of Nahar Spinning Mills. The segment dealing with garments has been growing in leaps and bounds on account of the excellent garment quality. The earnings secured from the garment segment reached ` 201 crore in 2003 which was comparatively higher than ` 169 crore in 2002. Again, exports amounted to ` 115 crore, delineating quite an impressive growth rate of 32 % in comparison to 2002.

Performance of Nahar Spinning Mills:

The total income of Nahar Spinning Mills in March, 2007 amounted to ` 937.14 crore against ` 509.33 crore in 2006. The income from other sources in this year has also improved compared to 2006, from ` 29.13 crore to ` 30.04 crore. The expenditures have also increased at the same pace, from ` 211.05 in 2006 on raw materials to ` 405.22 crore in 2007. The net sales figure has increased to balance the rise in expenditures, from ` 473.53 crore in 2006 to in ` 891.87crore 2007. The payment towards employees was calculated as ` 37.67crore in 2006 which increased to ` 64.87 crore in 2007.

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