Basant Agro Tech India Limited

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About Basant Agro Tech (I) Ltd

Basant Agro Tech India Limited is a private company operating in the fertilizer sector in India and forms an important part of the private sector fertilizer industry in India. The company has its registered office in Akola, Maharashtra and its corporate office is in Mumbai.

Fertilizers are essential in the agricultural sector for they have certain chemical elements that increase the growth of plants. Basant Agro Tech India Limited has helped boost the Indian agricultural sector by dint of the high quality of its products.

Basant Agro Tech India's product portfolio includes fertilizers of various grades, agricultural inputs, and seeds. The company specializes in the manufacture of nitrogen, phosphate, potash (NPK) mixture, and granulated fertilizers. It also has a plant with the capacity of 60,000 TPA. The company is also quite well-known for its production of single super phosphate for which it has a production capacity of 83,000 TPA. In 2005, Basant Agro Tech India manufactured 60,919 MT of SSP fertilizers and 39,194 MT of NPK mixture fertilizers.

Basant Agro Tech India Limited has registered significant growth in the last few years. Efforts must be made by the fertilizer industry of private sector in India and the government of India so that it continues to grow.

Contact Address

Basant Agro Tech (I) Ltd.
Near S.T.Workshop, Kaulkhed,
Akola. 444 044.
Phone : 0724-2436321, 0724-2436325
email: [email protected]

Last Updated on July 6, 2015