Multiplex Fertilizer Private Limited

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About MFPL

Multiplex Fertilizer Private Limited (MFPL) is a branch of Multiplex Group, which was founded in 1974. It is an ISO 2000 and ISO 14000 certified company. MFPL, however, was established in 1992 in order to strengthen the marketing networks of the Multiplex Group.

MFPL also produces few products independently. It has many branches and provides employment to about 500 workers. Therefore, the company has been able to reach even the remote parts of the country.

The KAC products like sulfur, weedicides, Bactinash, Multilaxin, Bactrinol, Samras, and the whole range of pesticides that are manufactured by Multiplex Agricare Pvt. Ltd., is marketed by the MFPL .Apart from all this, the MFPL also produces and markets its own commodities.

The success of the company is thus attributed to the diligent and experienced marketing personnel.

In the year 1997 and 1998, the company introduced and sold 2 new agro-based products in the entire country -Samras and Multilaxin. Apart from this, the company also launched a kind of Cotton Hybrid Seed PCHH1 and 2 along with paddy, vegetables, bajra, jute, maize, and sunflower seeds - all of which have been very popular with farmers.

Products of Multiplex Fertilizer

  • Single Micronutrient - available in liquid (sulfur) and powder form. The powder form is used for soil applications like - Zinc Param, Boram, etc. The Foliar Application has 2 parts - 100% Chelated (Zinc ETDA and Copper ETDA) and non-Chelated (Zinc Param, Boron 10.5%).
  • Multi Micronutrient - has 2 uses in soil application - Dharthi and Fertisulph. It also has two variants for foliar application - Powder Form (Zinc High, Magzinc) and Liquid Form (Tea Special, Pan Special).
  • Major Nutrient - have products like Multiplex Pramukh, Multiplex Twin NK (used in fertigation or as foliar spray), Multiplex Urea Coat, and Multiplex Multi P.K. These contain potassium and are used for plants like oil crops, tobacco, plantation, and horticulture crops.
  • Organic Manure - Multiplex Mohan, Multiplex Annapurna, and Multiplex Humik are the major ones.
  • Multiplex Mohan, Multiplex Annapurna, and Multiplex Humik are the major ones. The other products are pesticides, seeds, wetting agents, plant bio-activators, bio-pesticides, plant growth promoters, sprayers, and bio-fertilizers.

Board of Director

Dr. G.P Shetty, Chairmen

Multiplex Fertilizer Store Address

180, 1st Main Road, Near-Sapthgiri Kalyana Mantapa,
Mahalakshmi Layout, Bengaluru
Karnataka 560096, India

Last Updated on May 30, 2015